Friday, December 13, 2013

Trick or Treat

 A few days before Halloween we carved our pumpkin and Hannah had so much fun!  We did this on Sunday afternoon and Halloween was on Thursday.  It rained all week so there was tons of moisture in the air.  Note to self....don't carve your pumpkin four days in advance when rain in predicted.  That's my little tip to you.  ;) 

Hannah and Daddy got started right away.  B helped too, as always.

Concentrating very hard on her carving!

Helping Daddy cut the top

Scooping out the seeds!

Handing Daddy seeds, that works way better than a spoon 

Just getting right into it!

Our finished pumpkin! 

She was one proud girl!

On Halloween night we got all dressed up again to go trick or treating on our street! 

Hannah making her "ARGH!" face!  Haha.  B's making the face too.  :)


Mommy with her two little pirates

Our neighbor Snow White!

Hannah and Mason ran into each other outside of Snow White's house.  They didn't know what to think of each other! 

They eventually got closer.

And hugged. :)

I love my little pirate!

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