Friday, December 13, 2013

Halloween Day of Fun!

Ok, so I'm FINALLY getting around to posting some Halloween pics on the blog!  Like I said before, I have a TON of drafts saved that I need to finish and I'm determined to finish them ALL before the end of the year!  Which is in 2.5 weeks.  Crazy.  Anyways, on Halloween day, Hannah's school had a full day of activities planned!  Almost all of them were outdoors and it rained all day so they did some adjusting and moved all the fun inside.  Papa called a few days earlier and said he was coming to visit the night before so he and Austin came for the parade in the morning.  I think I've mentioned before that Hannah goes to school at my work.  It's awesome and we all love it!  So, lots of parents were able to step away from their desks to make it to the parade which is fun.  Lots of excited kiddos there! 

I got this picture of her class before the parade started.  Little cuties all dressed up.

Hannah the friendly pirate and her friend Minnie Mouse were ready for the parade! 

Having a little trouble seeing there??  Whenever I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween I thought she'd say Rapunzel or Minnie.  She said Hannah the friendly pirate.  I thought it was from Jake and the Neverland Pirates and then I realized it was from one of her favorite books Lulu the Ladybug Girl where she dresses as a friendly pirate. 

Check out that smile when she saw Papa was there!

So serious.

Making sure Papa was still there.  Ha!

Cute pirate

After the parade (down the hall since it was raining) she wanted to show Papa her class! 

"Papa!  I play here.  and here.  and here."

Mommy and Daddy with our sweet pirate!

Story time!

Showing Papa her sensory table.  She showed him everything.

Family pic at the pumpkin patch!

We said Hannah say cheese!  She did this and said "I'm a scarecrow!"  She is so funny.

Hannah the scarecrow

Her class!

Papa's crazy!

Later in the day they had trick or treating.  I left work early and went to help out with that.  It's really just so sad that this child has no personality.....  ;) 

She's so silly!  Those marks on her head are mosquito bites.  That's another story for another day.

SO excited to trick or treat! 

They went classroom to classroom and got to trick or treat and then hand out candy when they got back to their room.  It was so cute.  She's got her eye on the prize!

After they trick or treated it was party time!  Each class had their own party.

Girl was ready for her yummy treats!

How's that icing??

Yeah....that's how she eats cupcakes.  Nice.

Her teacher always writes these things down and I love reading them.  Sometimes they are super funny.

So, Hannah was going to be a dog??  That's funny since she's never said that before.  Ha.

Then she wanted to play.  Check out how she lined up all the animals. 

Then it was time to "wrap the mummy!"  There were a few moms there and somehow I was volunteered to be wrapped but that's ok, it was fun.

All wrapped up!  I'm a pretty scary mummy, right?  ;)

Hannah with her teacher Ms. Phyllis.  We LOVE Ms. Phyllis and sometimes when Hannah isn't behaving like she should at home I will tell her that I'm going to tell Ms. Phyllis and she usually acts good again.  :)

It was such a fun day!

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