Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Times

This weekend started off with me getting to hang out with Miss Leah during my lunch break on Friday.  All the pics and videos were on my iPhone so they aren't great but they're still so cute.  :)

Sweet face 

Leah wanted to play a little peek-a-boo.  Yes, I'm aware of how annoying I sound in all these videos but I just can't help it, I love my little Leah Bug.  :)

Seriously, could she get any cuter?!

Sooo sweet!  Leah just started giving her bear hugs and kisses.  LOVE her!!

I guess she's caught on to us wiping her nose ALL the time!  The video is a little bumpy but you get the idea.  Do you think I say "blow your nose" enough times??  ;)

Saturday Austin's parents came into town for a visit.  We had a great time but I didn't get any pics of actual people, just the food!  Ha!  Austin fired up the smoker and we got to work all afternoon.
The chef getting the pork prepped with the spinach, shrooms, feta, sundried tomatoes and sauteed onions.

Cindy and I made this AMAZING three cheese garlic scalloped potatoes.  SOOO good!  Not fattening at all....

The stuffed pork loin that Austin smoked for us

YUMMY!  Cindy and I even made homemade pesto for the fresh bread with all the basil in our backyard. :)

Y'all know how I love my leftovers for breakfast!  :)  We sauteed some veggies and added the leftover potatoes with some eggs, bacon and fresh jalapeno cheese bread from Georgetown.  SO good!

After eating all that food we decided to take a nice long walk to the lake behind our house.  B got a little tired on the way home so we took turns holding him.  

How does that tongue even fit in his mouth?!

Poor buddy, his little legs just couldn't keep up with ours!  In his defense, the walk was over an hour and he didn't need to burn off all the food that we ate!  ;)

 It was a great weekend!  Thanks Mark and Cindy for coming and visiting, we had so much fun!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hanging with Leah

Friday night I babysat Leah while Tracy & Ryan went out.  We had so much fun!  

This is what it looks like when Leah sees you're leaving.  They live in a 3-story house so the main area is on the 2nd floor and Leah likes to watch you go downstairs and gets upset when she knows you're leaving.  It makes it very hard to leave!  Luckily I was just going to get my bag.  

Getting caught up on her reading.  US Weekly has all the important info for Miss Leah!

Oh my gosh, how can you not love this face?!

This was how Gabby helped babysit....

Leah riding along on her train.  Just not the right way...

Leah's newest thing is to shake her head "no" at you.  She is so sweet, she still wanted to give me kisses!  LOVE HER! :)

Playing a little before bed time.  Look at that belly.  So cute.

Leah started going up to the gate and pointing up the stairs (her room is on the 3rd floor) so I got the camera out and caught a little of it.  Of course she was showing me so much more before I got the camera out but it was still so cute.  :)

My favorite part of the night though was about two hours after she fell asleep she woke up crying and I went up there and she wanted me to hold her and she fell asleep on my shoulder while I rocked her.  MELTED.  MY.  HEART.  She was just SO sweet and just wanted to cuddle.  :)

Moving onto Saturday, it was Austin's birthday!!  We had a very low key night and hung out with Katie & Lunchbox.  After dinner we came back to the house and had Austin's favorite pie.  :)
I told him in the 1st picture that he didn't look excited enough so this was the picture I got.  Ha!  He actually looks a little scary here pretending to blow out the candle.  

Happy birthday Austin!  Love you!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Liz & Chris' Couples Shower

A few weeks ago we helped host a couples shower for Liz & Chris.  It was a fun night!

Yummy appetizers before the awesome meal that Austin & Greg spent a weekend a while back smoking meat for.

The guests of honor with the hostesses

The bride-to-be with the hostesses

Leah's 1st couples shower.  She was happy to be there!

Leah was too busy to be bothered with a picture

Leah, Ryan and Lainey

The two fathers of the bride/groom.  Both named David.  By the way, both of the moms are named Linda.  Ha!

Leah & Kate not too sure about whatever they're being told

Girl was on the run!  She was running all over the place having fun

Giving Pops kisses

The girls.  Leah was very interested in my necklace

Running all over the house

You think Liz liked this gift??

You can't get a cooking with beer cookbook without the beer!

Ok, so they opened the gifts from Austin and me (no pictures of the REAL gifts we gave them, they were normal) but at the bottom of one of the bags was a fanny pack.  Umm... what?!?  Austin slipped that in there for Chris.  Nice.  :)

He wore it the rest of the time  :)

This just makes me laugh.  Chris is popping the wrapper stuff and Liz is clearly not too happy about it! 

Liz & Jill

Me with the bride!

High school girls

Ok, so we started making the party a little more interesting late night  :)

Austin & me

It was a great night!  The final Liz & Chris event is the WEDDING in a few weeks!  :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Take A Hint

I was on the computer tonight and I think someone got a little jealous and was hinting at his mommy to pay more attention to him and not the computer.  

What do you think?

He was moving the screen by hitting the buttons on the laptop with his little face.

I played with him after I took this picture so he's happy again.  :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Zoo Time

Saturday while Austin was in Arlington watching the Aggies play the Razorbacks the rest of the family went to the zoo.  It was during Leah's nap time but she was a real trooper.

Having a pre-zoo snack.  You think her lip is out far enough?

Mum mums are delish Aunt Kelly!

The meerkat just chillin' out like a statue. 

Ryan being a tourist...

Checking out the monkeys

Leah would smile.  Just not for pictures...

She'd rather walk around the zoo

Ryan really looking like a tourist with his Dip N Dots

 Leah hanging out with Lainey and Pops

Seriously, check out how much our hands look like monkeys...

Leah wanted to stand and check out the animals

She was starting to fade...


Leah needed a little cat nap.  The zoo is exhausting!

 Walking around with Daddy and Pops woke her up

Ready to check everything out!

And 5 seconds later....

You think she had enough??

Cute little Leah

She was done with the zoo

Reading a book to Aunt Kelly on the way home