Monday, October 18, 2010

Hanging with Leah

Friday night I babysat Leah while Tracy & Ryan went out.  We had so much fun!  

This is what it looks like when Leah sees you're leaving.  They live in a 3-story house so the main area is on the 2nd floor and Leah likes to watch you go downstairs and gets upset when she knows you're leaving.  It makes it very hard to leave!  Luckily I was just going to get my bag.  

Getting caught up on her reading.  US Weekly has all the important info for Miss Leah!

Oh my gosh, how can you not love this face?!

This was how Gabby helped babysit....

Leah riding along on her train.  Just not the right way...

Leah's newest thing is to shake her head "no" at you.  She is so sweet, she still wanted to give me kisses!  LOVE HER! :)

Playing a little before bed time.  Look at that belly.  So cute.

Leah started going up to the gate and pointing up the stairs (her room is on the 3rd floor) so I got the camera out and caught a little of it.  Of course she was showing me so much more before I got the camera out but it was still so cute.  :)

My favorite part of the night though was about two hours after she fell asleep she woke up crying and I went up there and she wanted me to hold her and she fell asleep on my shoulder while I rocked her.  MELTED.  MY.  HEART.  She was just SO sweet and just wanted to cuddle.  :)

Moving onto Saturday, it was Austin's birthday!!  We had a very low key night and hung out with Katie & Lunchbox.  After dinner we came back to the house and had Austin's favorite pie.  :)
I told him in the 1st picture that he didn't look excited enough so this was the picture I got.  Ha!  He actually looks a little scary here pretending to blow out the candle.  

Happy birthday Austin!  Love you!!


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, Austin!!

Steve-n-Angela said...

Leah is ADORABLE!! and Happy Birthday Austin!

Ivy said...

She is so stinkin cute!!!