Sunday, October 17, 2010

Liz & Chris' Couples Shower

A few weeks ago we helped host a couples shower for Liz & Chris.  It was a fun night!

Yummy appetizers before the awesome meal that Austin & Greg spent a weekend a while back smoking meat for.

The guests of honor with the hostesses

The bride-to-be with the hostesses

Leah's 1st couples shower.  She was happy to be there!

Leah was too busy to be bothered with a picture

Leah, Ryan and Lainey

The two fathers of the bride/groom.  Both named David.  By the way, both of the moms are named Linda.  Ha!

Leah & Kate not too sure about whatever they're being told

Girl was on the run!  She was running all over the place having fun

Giving Pops kisses

The girls.  Leah was very interested in my necklace

Running all over the house

You think Liz liked this gift??

You can't get a cooking with beer cookbook without the beer!

Ok, so they opened the gifts from Austin and me (no pictures of the REAL gifts we gave them, they were normal) but at the bottom of one of the bags was a fanny pack.  Umm... what?!?  Austin slipped that in there for Chris.  Nice.  :)

He wore it the rest of the time  :)

This just makes me laugh.  Chris is popping the wrapper stuff and Liz is clearly not too happy about it! 

Liz & Jill

Me with the bride!

High school girls

Ok, so we started making the party a little more interesting late night  :)

Austin & me

It was a great night!  The final Liz & Chris event is the WEDDING in a few weeks!  :)

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Steve-n-Angela said...

Great pics!! I am SO glad that I was able to make it that night!