Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Playing In The Rain

Hannah LOVES to look out the backdoor/windows.  She does it everyday.  On Sunday she was so interested when it was raining so we opened the door for her to get a closer look.

Tasting the rain on her fingers

Reaching as far as she could to get good and wet! 

We let her go outside since it wasn't raining too hard.  She was so happy! 

So much fun getting wet! 

She took off!  This little girl loves being outside and the grass is her favorite so she really wanted to run around in the rain.  

I think there will be many more playing in the rain days for Miss Hannah!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birthday Weekend

The Sunday before last was my birthday.  We started the weekend off on Saturday morning watching Game Day because they were in CS for A&Ms first game in the SEC!  Just like every gameday the whole family was decked out in our Aggie gear! 

Hannah sporting her Daddy's 30 year old A&M shirt watching Game Day with her favorite Aggie.

After nap time Hannah got a big surprise, CiCi and Papa C came to visit!

Hannah and B playing in their game gear

Hannah's super lucky this year because she got her very own custom Aggie TOMS painted by her Mommy!

These are cell phone pics, I need to get better pics of these before they end up with grass stains on them.  ;)

Game day baby! 

When did my baby get so BIG?! 

Attempt at a family pic 

Hey, you can't win them all...  Close enough! 

Austin, CiCi and Hannah 

Love these two kiddos :) 

LOVE this face!!! 

She's so funny.  She makes this face at us daily. 

Happy girl playing on her big girl chair 

Saturday night after the game was over Lainey, Pops, Leah and Haley came over for a bday dinner.  The girls were staying with them for a few days while Tracy and Ryan were on vacation.  They had so much fun with all of Hannah's toys!

Haley Rae being cute and sweet 

Leah Shay taking a (very) brief moment to say CHEESE for me to send her Mommy a pic

Big girl! 

Now THIS is a rare sight!!  Haley doesn't just go to anyone and she loved Papa C!  She was showing him all he needed to know about the DVD case. 

Sunday morning Hannah and Papa C went on a little journey and Hannah got in a fight with the ground and the ground won so she had some war wounds on her face.  It didn't stop her from riding her Radio Flyer E.T. style though! 

Walking in CiCi's shoes.... 

and taking a wheel barrow ride around the backyard with Papa C 

Sunday afternoon we headed to the Cirque du Soleil show that was in town with our buddies Katie and Box.  It was awesome!  I've wanted to go to a show for years and it just worked out perfectly that they were in town on my birthday!  We had SUPER close seats and were just amazed at what those performers can do.  It's crazy.  After the show we headed to eat some yummy Mexican food.  :)

These weekends sure are different than they used to be but it was still a great birthday weekend!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

13 Months!

I'm behind on blogging so this is almost a week late but that's ok.  

Sweet Hannah Lee, you are 13 months old now!!  You are getting so so big everyday (almost 22 lbs) and each day you are less like a baby and more like a little girl.  This month you haven't had any big milestones since you are a little ahead in that department but you have improved on everything you already do.  You make us laugh SO hard daily!  You are also very smart and have an incredible memory.  We will tell you "no no" ONE TIME and from then on when you see whatever it is we told you no about you shake your finger at it, say "no no no" and look at us so we know.  Not that you follow the rules or anything but you KNOW that it's a "no no".  I'm hoping this isn't a glimpse into the rest of our lives but you don't listen to NO very well.  You either get upset when we remove you from whatever you aren't supposed to be doing and throw a mini-tantrum or you stare at us while we say "no no" and you give us a sly little smile and do it anyways.  It's hard not to laugh at you when you do that. 

You still make the FUNNIEST faces but you make them even more now. You love to pucker your lips together and squint your eyes, it's too cute.  You've taken a few spills and the results are all over your face right now....

You love to dance all the time now and walk backwards.  We've caught you moonwalking on several occasions.  It's so funny, you will just stare at us and start moonwalking back into a wall or around a corner.  No idea why, but you think it's fun so go for it!  You dance to music everyday and you LOVE to stomp your feet on the tile (not in a tantrum way, in a cute I'm-making-noises-while-dancing way).  You get really excited while doing it and just giggle away.  You really like it when Mommy does it with you too.  :)

You got your first and second ear infections post-tubes this past week.  :(  We thought the infections would be over but they aren't, the tubes are doing their job though.  You aren't having the same symptoms as before, now you just have a lot of ear drainage so we give you your drops and you're all better! 

You are TIRED every night now and half the time you don't make it to 7pm anymore before you want to go to bed.  You are so easy to put to bed now too, we used to hold you while you dozed off in our arms but now as soon as you finish your bedtime milk we walk you in your room and just put you in bed awake and you either immediately fall asleep or you just relax in your bed for a few minutes and then go to sleep.

You are BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!  You rarely stop for a moment while you are awake.  Seriously.  The world is just too exciting of a place for you to slow down!

You love books!  You are so cute, you will bring us a book and just sit in our laps and pay attention, that never used to happen.  You also love to grab Daddy's finger and point to what you want him to talk about on the page.

You still LOVE shoes!  You bring us shoes daily and say "tank too" (thank you).  On several occasions you've been walking around the house with two different shoes on.  Usually it's your pink Crocs and silver sandal, I guess they are your favorites.  We just say "you want to put your shoes on?" and you plop right down and try to do it yourself, but it always ends with us putting them on for you since you don't know your right from left just yet.

Sweet girl, I promise you your head isn't as large as it looks in this picture, it's just a funny angle.  ;)

You are getting your NINTH tooth!!  It's your first molar and poor baby, it hurts you so much.  We've been keeping orajel on it and giving you ibuprofen so you're doing ok but you just constantly have been putting your finger in your mouth on that spot.  With your first eight teeth you seemed completely unfazed by teething but this one hurts and sadly, your tenth tooth (another molar) is about to pop through as well. :(

This is what you think of your molars

You are SO much fun and your little personality is showing more and more each day!  Your Daddy and I love you so much and we think you are just the sweetest thing ever.  :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Change Is Good

Last week was a big one for Miss Hannah, she started a new school!  We were sad for her to leave her old school, but an amazing opportunity was given to us and we knew it was the best thing for Hannah.  The first school she attended was SO great for her and was just an overall positive experience.  She was very loved there and never once cried when we dropped her off or picked her up so we knew she had lots of fun everyday and we have no doubt she will have a similar experience at her new school.  Her new teachers are really sweet and her classroom is so nice I wish I could spend all day there!  The best part is, it's a five minute walk from my desk at work to her classroom so I can visit her anytime I want (and I do that usually once a day)!  She loves to show me what she's working on and then she usually gets too busy to hang with Mommy and goes on about her day.

All ready for her 1st day of school!  She looks like she knew she was starting a new school and was a little nervous looking.  She is just sooooo sweet! 

The first day I went to check on her after she had been there a few hours and she was right where I knew she would be!  Playing on the ramp/stairs! 

After her first day she wanted to watch a little Baby Einstein once we got home.  Um... Hannah, you're really really close there sweetie! 

Poor baby was SO tired from her first day that she would lay her little head down anywhere. 

This was after day two while I was cooking dinner. 

And again, while Austin and I were eating our dinner.  Sleepy baby girl. 

Her teachers take pictures of the kids all day and they will print them out for you or email them to you, whatever they have time for pretty much.  I LOVE getting pictures to see how her day is going!
Here she is eating breakfast on her first day.  They're working on feeding themselves with spoons!  She looks SO big to me here.

Playing with all the fun toys. 

Here she is playing with her friends, sitting in one of her teachers laps, playing with sponges outside and snacking while Mommy came to visit!  They don't sit in the big table with seats in it here either, she sits in her own chair at the pint sized table, it's so cute.

So far we couldn't be happier with this change!  She seems to be doing great and is learning a lot and is very happy.  Poor thing is just worn OUT by the end of the day and most nights she's in bed before 7pm.  Last night she didn't even want her milk before bed, she just wanted to go straight to sleep! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

All Better!

It's been a month now since our sweet Hannah got tubes in her ears and we couldn't be any happier with the results!  Yesterday Austin and I took her for her follow up appointment and hearing tests and she passed with flying colors!  Her tubes are clear and she did great in all her hearing tests, she didn't even put up a fight and this was during nap time (you can see in her eyes how sleepy she was). 

Whatcha' putting in my ear??

Clapping with us for her doing such a good job sitting still!  She LOVES to clap! 

Hi Austin I mean Hannah!  Wow, there is NO mistaking who her Daddy is!!  She looks so big to me here.  :(

After those hearing tests we moved on to the sound room tests.  She did great!  She's just staring at me before they began. 

Playing like a big girl after her testing 

Getting tubes in her ears was the BEST thing ever for our sweet girl!  She has been healthy ever since!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spaghetti Is Y-U-M-M-Y!!!

After going out to dinner during our girls weekend, we brought Hannah's leftovers home and she got a total of three meals out of it!  I took pictures of her eating her first spaghetti dinner at home the next night.  Yeah....I'm pretty sure it's her favorite meal ever.
Getting this party started!  By the way, how huge does her hand look in this picture??  Nice angle...

Looking good Miss Hannah

She's getting serious now

Hmmm....should I stop because I'm full or should I keep going??

Keep going of course!

Spaghetti facial

Now we're talkin!

Ha!  I have no words for this one.

Get after it Hannah

All done!!