Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birthday Weekend

The Sunday before last was my birthday.  We started the weekend off on Saturday morning watching Game Day because they were in CS for A&Ms first game in the SEC!  Just like every gameday the whole family was decked out in our Aggie gear! 

Hannah sporting her Daddy's 30 year old A&M shirt watching Game Day with her favorite Aggie.

After nap time Hannah got a big surprise, CiCi and Papa C came to visit!

Hannah and B playing in their game gear

Hannah's super lucky this year because she got her very own custom Aggie TOMS painted by her Mommy!

These are cell phone pics, I need to get better pics of these before they end up with grass stains on them.  ;)

Game day baby! 

When did my baby get so BIG?! 

Attempt at a family pic 

Hey, you can't win them all...  Close enough! 

Austin, CiCi and Hannah 

Love these two kiddos :) 

LOVE this face!!! 

She's so funny.  She makes this face at us daily. 

Happy girl playing on her big girl chair 

Saturday night after the game was over Lainey, Pops, Leah and Haley came over for a bday dinner.  The girls were staying with them for a few days while Tracy and Ryan were on vacation.  They had so much fun with all of Hannah's toys!

Haley Rae being cute and sweet 

Leah Shay taking a (very) brief moment to say CHEESE for me to send her Mommy a pic

Big girl! 

Now THIS is a rare sight!!  Haley doesn't just go to anyone and she loved Papa C!  She was showing him all he needed to know about the DVD case. 

Sunday morning Hannah and Papa C went on a little journey and Hannah got in a fight with the ground and the ground won so she had some war wounds on her face.  It didn't stop her from riding her Radio Flyer E.T. style though! 

Walking in CiCi's shoes.... 

and taking a wheel barrow ride around the backyard with Papa C 

Sunday afternoon we headed to the Cirque du Soleil show that was in town with our buddies Katie and Box.  It was awesome!  I've wanted to go to a show for years and it just worked out perfectly that they were in town on my birthday!  We had SUPER close seats and were just amazed at what those performers can do.  It's crazy.  After the show we headed to eat some yummy Mexican food.  :)

These weekends sure are different than they used to be but it was still a great birthday weekend!!


Stephanie said...

Happy birthday! Glad it was such a fun-filled weekend for you!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!