Friday, September 14, 2012

Change Is Good

Last week was a big one for Miss Hannah, she started a new school!  We were sad for her to leave her old school, but an amazing opportunity was given to us and we knew it was the best thing for Hannah.  The first school she attended was SO great for her and was just an overall positive experience.  She was very loved there and never once cried when we dropped her off or picked her up so we knew she had lots of fun everyday and we have no doubt she will have a similar experience at her new school.  Her new teachers are really sweet and her classroom is so nice I wish I could spend all day there!  The best part is, it's a five minute walk from my desk at work to her classroom so I can visit her anytime I want (and I do that usually once a day)!  She loves to show me what she's working on and then she usually gets too busy to hang with Mommy and goes on about her day.

All ready for her 1st day of school!  She looks like she knew she was starting a new school and was a little nervous looking.  She is just sooooo sweet! 

The first day I went to check on her after she had been there a few hours and she was right where I knew she would be!  Playing on the ramp/stairs! 

After her first day she wanted to watch a little Baby Einstein once we got home.  Um... Hannah, you're really really close there sweetie! 

Poor baby was SO tired from her first day that she would lay her little head down anywhere. 

This was after day two while I was cooking dinner. 

And again, while Austin and I were eating our dinner.  Sleepy baby girl. 

Her teachers take pictures of the kids all day and they will print them out for you or email them to you, whatever they have time for pretty much.  I LOVE getting pictures to see how her day is going!
Here she is eating breakfast on her first day.  They're working on feeding themselves with spoons!  She looks SO big to me here.

Playing with all the fun toys. 

Here she is playing with her friends, sitting in one of her teachers laps, playing with sponges outside and snacking while Mommy came to visit!  They don't sit in the big table with seats in it here either, she sits in her own chair at the pint sized table, it's so cute.

So far we couldn't be happier with this change!  She seems to be doing great and is learning a lot and is very happy.  Poor thing is just worn OUT by the end of the day and most nights she's in bed before 7pm.  Last night she didn't even want her milk before bed, she just wanted to go straight to sleep! 

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Stephanie said...

This place sounds wonderful!! Is it at your office or its own place? We actually turned in our "two weeks" at Chloe's daycare yesterday since JJ is back to being at home. I'm kind of sad she won't be going anymore, but it will save us a lot of money while we don't need the care.