Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Warning: LOOONG post ahead! 
We had a GREAT Memorial Day weekend!!  I swear, it was Hannah's favorite weekend of her life so far.  This girl had a B.L.A.S.T!  It started with Friday night dinner out with Mama and Daddy and then Aunt Jackie and Uncle Bryan came to visit for the weekend. 

Our sweetie drawing pics like a big girl waiting on her dinner!  This face just melts my heart.

Tracing Daddy's hand.  She LOVES to trace hands!

Saturday morning the boys went and did stuff so Jackie, Hannah and I ran around.  Could she look any cuter??

That afternoon Katie, Lunchbox and Emma came over to play and have dinner.  Hannah wore her first bikini!  It's one of Gracie/Libby's bathing suits that they so kindly passed down to Hannah and she looked so cute with her big belly sticking out!

Emma was like "WHY are you splashing me Hannah?!"

Shortly after that, Emma decided she was over swimming and Hannah had the pool to herself.  ;)

We brought out the ball sprayer thing and she was hilarious!  She kept running up to it and turning around for her back to get sprayed. 

This girl LOVES the water! 

I don't know if she was more entertained with the water or if all the adults were more entertained watching her!


I thought this picture was funny.  Two 30-something year old men swinging.  You can tell in the picture that Lunchbox is actually swinging.  Haha

I love her face here

Sweet Emma

So, Tracy got me one of the Nordstrom cookbooks for Mother's Day and I really wanted to try the fried chicken recipe so we decided Saturday was the perfect day for it.  O.M.G.  No words.  It was the BEST fried chicken I've had maybe in my entire life!  Seriously, amazing.  Ah-MAZE-ing.

Katie brought over these little cakes for dessert.  Because we needed that after eating fried chicken. ;)

Uncle Bryan had so much fun with the girls!  I just realized I didn't get any pics of Jackie all weekend. :( 

Since the chicken was so delish on Saturday night we decided to try chicken and waffles for breakfast.  Shut the front door, it was good.  And totally healthy since we had some fruit on our plates.

I love that the high school does a fundraiser and places American flags on our lawns for each patriotic holiday.  It's just a great reminder to what the holiday is really about.

Sunday morning Hannah and Bryan were just having a chat in between running around the house.

Sunday afternoon we were sad to see Jackie and Bryan go but were super excited because our neighborhood Memorial Day party was happening later in the day!  It was awesome, our HOA paid for everything and myself and another lady organized it all.  We got a bounce house, water slide, catered BBQ, snow cone machine, a face painter/balloon artist and prizes for kids and adults.  Tracy, Ryan, Leah and Haley came to join in on the fun!

Hannah LOVES bounce houses!  Seriously loves them.  She always runs around our house saying "Hannah bounce!" and jumps up and down.  I think she spent about two hours in the bounce house during the party.

She would yell "Yay/Weeee Hannah/Leah/Haley!" whenever one of them would go down the slide.  So cute.

The Big Kahuna

There's Leah!

No, my daughter was not sunburned...that's how hard she was bouncing in the bounce house. 

Time for a watermelon break!  She eats cubed watermelon almost daily at our house but this was the first time she actually ate a slice like that.

Love her

Haley loved her watermelon too!

Big girl Leah showing the little girls how it's done. 

The bounce house for the littles

You think this slide is big enough??  That was where every single kid over the age of 3 spent their afternoon.

Our crowd!  We had about 10 canopy things around the cul-de-sac for shade and over 100 people there!

Austin and Ryan taking a rare break from chasing kids

Hannah's first snow cone!

Yeah....she was a fan.

Leah and me with her Ariel balloon.  We were one of the last ones for the day so the balloon artist ran out of green for Ariel's lower half so Leah wanted purple.  :)

The girls

Leah so proud of her balloon

I got this picture of our neighbor Ava and Leah saying goodbye.  So funny.  They just met about three hours before but apparently were sad to go. 

Matt, Ava, Hannah and Austin on the walk home.  Times sure have changed!

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early and went over to Katie, Lunchbox and Emma's house to play.  Another day, another swimsuit for Hannah!

She's so funny

Emma being a bathing beauty on the sidelines watching Hannah splash around

Silly goose

She loves her some slides! 

Too cool for school

Hey you, quit taking my picture!

Love this pic of my sweet baby enjoying some summertime watermelon

What is dripping down my belly??

After taking a nap, Rowan (their neighbor) came over to swim with Hannah!

Such a silly girl

Another slide!

Fearless child

We had a GREAT weekend!!  Hannah seriously had the most fun ever and enjoyed every single second of the three days.  We can't wait for the summer to watch our little fishy have more fun!