Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Big Girl

Sunday night I didn't sleep well and in the morning when I got up Austin was already in Hannah's room getting her dressed.  I walked in and said "I didn't sleep well at all" and Hannah looked at me so concerned and right away said "oh no Mama, what happened?"  Austin and I just looked at each other stunned and started laughing.  She just had a conversation with me!  She repeats pretty much anything we say and has been for quite a while and she'll respond when we ask her something but never just out of the blue responding when I wasn't talking directly to her or asking a question in response like that. 

When did she get so big?!?!

Yesterday Austin had a talk with her about how she needs to nap at school because it makes Hannah happy, her teachers happy and all her friends happy. She's really into people being happy these days. When he was done telling her the importance of napping he said "Hannah, are you going to nap tomorrow?" Her response...."No. Walk away nap."  Well, ok then.

Speaking of being a big girl....this is what a "big girl" looks like on the way home when she refuses to nap at school. 

Not too big to still need a nap!  Love that sweet face.


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Amazing what come out off their little mouths!