Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a great Mother's Day weekend!  It started off a little rough on Friday night but by Saturday things turned around.  Saturday morning we woke up and had breakfast and then Mama got her present, money to go buy a new purse!  So, I got ready and spent the entire morning at the outlet mall across town.  :)  I even had lunch by myself outside which NEVER happens.  Just me and my new purse.  ;)  That evening we met Katie, Lunchbox and Emma for dinner so Hannah and Emma could have their first hibachi grill experience!  They both seemed to love it!  The fire at first startled Hannah and she wouldn't let go of her Daddy's hand for a few minutes but she never seemed scared and she was very interested after that.

Check out those big eyes!

What's he doing Mama??

BIG eyes!

Not so sure about the fire....  Is she her Daddy's mini-me or what?!


Hannah wanted to catch the rice in her mouth too!  Haha!

First taste of ice cream!!  Yes, that's right, our almost two year old daughter hasn't had ice cream before.  She loved it.

Mommy and Hannah

We headed back to the house to play for a while after dinner and Hannah wanted to put her big girl shoes on Emma's tiny baby feet.

Emma didn't like that and Hannah didn't understand why.  Ha!

Sunday morning we got up and Hannah wanted to sign Lainey's card herself!  How big does she look here?!?!  I mean, check out how she holds the pen correctly and everything!


After breakfast we headed over to Tracy, Ryan, Leah and Haley's house for the day.  Hannah took off running as soon as she saw the new playset in the backyard!

Hilarious.  Haley flew down that slide like nobody's business!  She has NO fear.

Hannah running with Leah's shoes.  The girl loves her some shoes...

The shoes got ditched quick when she realized they could climb the rock wall!  Weren't these two girls just learning how to crawl???

Leah and Uncle Austin

All the Moms!

Attempt #1 with a pic of me and the one who made me a Mommy

Attempt #2

These girls have no fear!  They were going so fast and high on that thing!

Hannah needed to come inside for a few minutes because she was getting red and we bribed her with cake.  ;)  I said "Hannah, you want some cake??" and she took off running towards the house yelling "cake! cake!"  Haha!  Usually the only sweets she gets are fruit so when she gets something like cake, she's VERY excited!

Yummy cake

After she got some cake we headed back outside and the racing began....  SOOOOO entertaining!!  Leah started running towards the tree and then back while Ryan timed her. 

Then the little girls got their turn.  Hannah took OFF!  See her way in the back of the picture??  Haley was a few seconds behind.

But she caught up to Hannah near the swingset because Hannah didn't understand the "run around the tree" part.

But Haley did!

Hannah followed behind but her little legs were SO worn out by that point.  She kept falling...

And falling...

And falling.

Then she finally just headed to the side of the yard.

Sweet girl was worn out!

This was the view on the ride home.  One sleepy girl who had SO much fun with her cousins! 

It was a great Mother's Day!

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