Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekend At Rachel's

Last Saturday morning we loaded up and headed out on a roadtrip to Rachel and Dean's new house on the lake.  Hannah is such a good traveler, she makes it so easy for us.  I guess since she's been on the road or in a plane since she was two months old she got the hang of it pretty quickly.  She spent about half the trip watching some new Mickey shows (and Mommy got to read a magazine, woo hoo!) and the other half we read books, said our ABCs, sang songs and drew pictures.

I tried to get a pic of us together and told her to smile.  Yeah... she's silly and decided against that. 
The beautiful view of the lake from Rachel and Dean's house.  Their yard is HUGE and there were tons of people there but you never felt crowded because of all the space.  We even took a golf cart some of the time from the lake to the house because it was such a long walk.

CiCi giving her girl some kisses 

Austin and Besta enjoying the beautiful weather

Grandpa Townsend getting some Hannah love

After we ate lunch Hannah was ready to swim!

I think she had a good time... 

So happy on the slide!


Happy face

Papa, you're too big for the slide!

After she and Papa played in the pool for about an hour it was lake time!  

Lake time will wear any girl out....  She didn't move for two hours.

After her nap Hannah and Reagan played all afternoon together.  It was the cutest.  They just followed each other around for hours playing with Papa C.

Love her

Giving Dean kisses.  Hannah LOVES her some Dean!  Aunt Rachel kept saying "I love you Hannah" and Hannah would say "I love Dean".  Hahaha!

Aunt Rachel got some kisses too!

Dean, Rachel and her mini-me.

Party of 3!

We headed out that night for the hotel.  It was really nice and Hannah was so excited in the morning to be there.  Hannah checking herself out, so funny.

We went to a big breakfast with CiCi and Papa C and then headed back over to Rachel and Dean's before heading home. 

Hannah and Reagan holding hands walking to the lake.  Adorable.

Hannah kept saying "pillow" when we got in the car.  She is so silly and apparently she loves pillows since she had two!

It was a great weekend and Hannah already has her new life jacket for the next time we visit and they have the new boat!

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etphonehome21 said...

So fun! Wish we could have seen y'all and their new house. That pic of Mark on the slide is hilarious.