Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pool Party for Two

Sunday afternoon once we got home from Rachel and Dean's and took a nap we got right back in the car and headed over to Emma's house to swim!  Hannah is such a lucky girl because some of our best friends have little girls around the same age as her and they all have so much fun together.  We're pretty lucky too!

Hannah and Emma hanging out in the pool

Ever try to get a picture of a 21 month old and 9 month old when both are looking at the camera??  Not easy my friends, not easy.

Fun!  Hannah is squealing with excitement and Emma is trying to bail.  Haha!

Love Emma's squish face

Hannah was having so much fun!

Hannah found Emma's hat so she wanted to put it on her head.  She didn't quite get it right but was close...

So she just put it on her head instead.  Emma was happy with that decision.

These girls are the happiest, sweetest and cutest little girls around!  I can't wait for a summer full of them swimming together.  :)

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