Monday, August 31, 2009

Ok, so we might all be a tad obsessed.....

Or it could just possibly be me! ha! Hey, give me a break, I'm putting the 1st two weeks of Leah's life into this blog all at once. AND I'm known for taking lots of pics! I promise all my posts won't be about my precious niece! Maybe...

Leah's fancy door decor ;)

Pops & Lainey with their 1st grandchild

Yeah, he's not in love or anything ;)

Aunt Kelly & Lainey w/Leah

Eskimo kisses!

Tracy calming down her sweet baby girl

This picture just cracks me up! Life is SOOO rough at one day old!

The setup at the grandparents house. Funny! Nothing like a swing IN a pack n play!

1st picture of Brody since Leah was born! Shocking! I'm a bad mommy...

Uncle Austin giving Leah some lovin'

Liz & Chris w/some baby fever!

Brody meeting Leah
He was interested. She wasn't.

Tracy and her baby girl

All puckered up!

Hey girl! Wuuuuzzzzz uuuupppp?!

Yoga does wonders for the body

Sleeping Beauty

Photo shoot!

Photo shoot is SOOOO over!

Ok, Leah was only one day old in this video and it just cracks me up! I'm mean, I know.
Try to ignore my annoying voice. Good luck with that... ;)

Party Like It's 1999!!

On August 21st we all got dolled up and headed to the Crowne Plaza for the Spring High School Class of 99 10 year reunion!
Liz & I early in the night

The Townsend's hanging out at the cool table. ha! Just kidding.
We did pretty much hang out with all our regular friends the entire night though!

Lindsey, me & Beth
We have this same picture 100 times I think from the last 15 years!

Old school peeps

Me & my girl Beth!

Lindsey & Amber hanging out at Charlies

Chris + Austin = L.O.V.E

Nice face Paul!!

Much better!

Chris babysitting Liz's shoes. So, what was Liz walking around Charlie's in??

Amber & me
My oldest friend, we met over 20 years ago!!

Liz, having a grand ol' time! ;)

Leah Shay Josefovsky's BIRTHDAY!!!

After a LOOOONG night, Leah entered the world on August 13, 2009
7 lbs 14 oz
20 1/4 inches
Mother and daughter
Both so beautiful after a rough morning!

Lainey and Leah
SO proud!!

Aunt Kelly & little Leah


Josefovsky family
Leah is tired from all the work she did! ;)

Funny face!

Uncle Austin & Aunt Kelly

Getting her 1st checkup! Clean bill of health!

Sweet thing all cuddled up

It's a GIRL!!

Erica is due any day!

Waiting on Leah to arrive!

Waiting.. WAITING! Waitin' on the world to change!
ha! I know, I'm not as funny as I think I am.

Everyone was getting comfy, my spot was a stool. It. Was. AWESOME. ;)

Ryan entertaining himself with a Snickers....

Heartbeats & CONTRACTIONS!!!

Taking a little cat nap before the big event

See ya later! We had to bail because Leah decided it was time to enter the world!

Good luck Mom & Dad!