Monday, August 31, 2009

Party Like It's 1999!!

On August 21st we all got dolled up and headed to the Crowne Plaza for the Spring High School Class of 99 10 year reunion!
Liz & I early in the night

The Townsend's hanging out at the cool table. ha! Just kidding.
We did pretty much hang out with all our regular friends the entire night though!

Lindsey, me & Beth
We have this same picture 100 times I think from the last 15 years!

Old school peeps

Me & my girl Beth!

Lindsey & Amber hanging out at Charlies

Chris + Austin = L.O.V.E

Nice face Paul!!

Much better!

Chris babysitting Liz's shoes. So, what was Liz walking around Charlie's in??

Amber & me
My oldest friend, we met over 20 years ago!!

Liz, having a grand ol' time! ;)

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