Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Firsts!

Not only did Hannah have her first plane ride, visit to the Valley and meeting all of the Townsend family over the holidays last weekend this week we gave her even more firsts!  She slept in her OWN ROOM Monday night (can you believe I actually moved her in her own room?!  It took me long enough) and ate her first real food Tuesday night!  Big girl learning new things!

Miss Hannah took sleeping in her own crib just like she takes pretty much everything big deal, easy peasy, no complaints.  Mommy on the other hand had to hold back tears.  She just looked like such a big girl in her bed!  When I went into our room to go to sleep I almost cried again looking at the empty pack-n-play next to my side of the bed. 

Sweet sleeping baby all swaddled up 

Night one of course went great because that's just how she is.  I didn't even wake up once to check the video monitor.  Night two I woke up around midnight because I could hear her moving around (I have the sound on full blast just in case, I'm nervous, what can I say) and I saw that she had busted out of her swaddle.  Austin and I have been going back and forth for a few weeks on whether or not she needs to be swaddled anymore.  I say yes because she sleeps so well swaddled up and seems to like it.  Austin says no because he says she needs her independence.  Whatevs.  So, back to last night, night two.  I watched her on the monitor for a few minutes thinking I was going to have to go into her room and feed her to get her to go back to sleep but she fell back asleep on her own.  This morning at six (I'm on vacation so we get to sleep in) I hear her whining and I looked in the monitor and saw that she had rolled over since she was unswaddled.  I got up and by the time I got in her room she was asleep again.  But this is what I found.  Poor baby got her arm stuck in the slats of the crib and just decided to go back to sleep instead of fight it.  I rolled her over and re-swaddled her and she went back to sleep.  So, for now she will remain swaddled until she gets better at rolling herself from her front to her back easier and then we'll let her sleep freely.  

To answer anyones question as to why she doesn't have her bumper pads up the answer is that I'm paranoid and I'm terrified of SIDS and of her suffocating in her sleep so until I think she can move her head freely enough and not nuzzle her face into the bumper pads this is how her crib will remain.

So, moving on to her next big first of the week, Hannah got her first taste of real food!  I made her some fresh organic green beans.  

She's excited can't you tell?!

Tongue out, ready to get a taste!

Her face cracks me up here!  First bite was a little surprising.

Taking it in great!

Yumm..... green beans

Ok, enough already Mommy! 

I got this one with my cell phone.  She actually liked the green beans for a little while!  Such a cutie.

 Best picture of the night!  Ha!  After she was done eating, she suddenly started silently acting like she was going to throw up.  She never did and Austin and I cracked up laughing at her!  So dramatic!

Our baby girl is getting big so fast!!  We are so proud of her for taking to new things so easily.  Next up will be all of our Christmas festivities!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

From our family

to yours!

The best gift we ever could have asked for!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas with your families!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Little Lina

Last Sunday night around 11pm I got a text from one of my best friends Liz saying her water broke and they were heading to the hospital!  I was SOOO excited that I couldn't fall back asleep for a while and when I finally did I had a dream about bringing her Five Guys burgers to the hospital and getting mugged in the parking lot for the food.  Ha!  Nice.  I have strange dreams but only when Liz is in labor would I dream about bringing her food and getting mugged for it.

Anyways, Monday afternoon after Hannah's Dr appt Austin took her home and I headed up to the hospital to see if anyone needed me to get them some food or anything and when I showed up Liz had just started pushing so I got there at the perfect time!  

Here's Liz's mom listening for Lina to arrive.  We stood out there for about an hour and then we heard those sweet sounds of Lina crying!  It was such a special moment, even from the other side of the door.  I was so happy for my sweet friend, there were tears all around and we all were so excited.  I told Austin that since I didn't get to experience Hannah's delivery the way I had hoped that I got to experience it through Liz, through a hospital room door.  Ha!

Adelina Lucille Johnson arrived beautiful, healthy and perfect!

Awesome cell phone pic of little Lina and me 

A few days later I went to visit the sweet girl and her parents once they got home.  She is sooo tiny!  She arrived two weeks ahead of her due date and is just the tiniest, sweetest little girl.  When I picked her up for the first time it was like picking up air compared to my four month old baby girl!

Teeny tiny toes

Having a chat with Lina

Today Tracy and I went to Liz's parents house to visit and so Tracy could meet Lina.  Hannah came along and she was passed around by everyone, including Lina's grandpa.  She was quite entertaining.  :)

We put the girls (and future BFFs according to me and Liz, they really don't have a choice ;)) next to each other and check out how HUGE Hannah looks next to Lina!!  They are four months and one day apart and WOW, what a difference that makes!

HOLY COW!!  Lina is curled up here but seriously, Hannah looks so big!  Her Aunt Beth made that shirt for her, isn't it cute!?

Cutest picture ever!  Minus all the drool spots from Hannah of course...  I just love how they're both facing each other and are positioned the same.  Other than placing them next to each other, they did the rest on their own!

Liz, I love little Lina so much and can't wait for our girls to grow up together!!  These two are going to keep us on our toes I'm sure!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Baby

A few Sundays ago Austin and I did what every parent does at least once in their child's life (according to Austin it was a once in a lifetime experience.  Ha!).  We braved the crowds and lines and took Hannah to visit Santa!  I have to say, I'm so proud of Austin for standing in line with us for TWO hours and not complaining ONCE!!   Not only did we take Hannah to see Santa but we took her to get her pictures taken too! 

Taking some pics at home before heading out to see Santa!
What's up with this big poofy dress Mommy??

Cutest little girl EVER!  :)

We had an appointment with the picture place in the mall right when they opened.  Miss Hannah was ON and just smiled and had a great time!  Within five minutes we had our money shot! :)

Seriously, does it get any cuter?!  LOVE her SOOOO much!!

The quality of this one wasn't too good because it's a pic of a pic, I couldn't get the scanner to work.  It's still super cute. :)
After the pictures we headed over to see Santa.  We got so lucky and our sweet girl decided that the exact time we stood in line was going to be her nap time for the day.  Woo hoo!  

Ok, so I may be biased but I'm pretty sure this is the cutest Santa picture EVER!!  Also, I didn't realize until now that Santa has the biggest hands, maybe in the world.  Ha!  

Hannah and Santa reading The Elf On A Shelf .   I noticed after we got home that the little Elf was watching over them on the chair.

Baby girl was AMAZED with Mrs. Claus!  I have no idea why, you'd think it would be Santa that would get her attention but nope, it was Mrs. Claus that made her jaw drop.  Check her out looking at Mrs. Claus!

It was such a good day!  I was smiling the whole way home thinking about 1. how great of a day we had with our baby girl and 2. how we have the sweetest baby in the world.  :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Four Months Old!

Wow, I'm way behind on blogging!  I wrote this post on her four month bday and I just got around to adding pictures to it.  Anyways...four months old!!  How on earth is our baby already 1/3 of the way through her first year?!  This has been such a great month, Hannah has learned so much and is just such a fun, happy little baby girl!

Hannah, here is what you've been up to in your fourth month!

Sleep: You are still the BEST sleeper at night!  Thank you SOOOO much for that!!  Daddy and I are SO lucky that you sleep so well.  You go to sleep every night around 7:30-8pm and on the weekends you wake up on your own between 7-8am.  During the week I wake you up to feed you around 5am and then you hang out in your swing and usually doze off until we leave for the day.  You still aren't consistant with your napping but you usually get at least two or three hours of naps throughout the day.

Daily Routine:   You spend the weekdays switching from playing on your activity mat (which you LOVE!), swinging in the swing, watching your mobile and TALKING.  I pick you up from Lainey and Pops house around 4:30 and we head home to hang out until Daddy gets home.  Then your Daddy and I eat dinner while you sit in your bouncy seat (AKA the poop chair, no lie, you poop almost every time you get in that thing!  It's like the vibrations just push the poop right out of ya!  TMI??  Ha!) next to us at the table, then it's bath time (you looooove bath time!), nursing and you're out for the night until the next morning!

Feed: You still love nursing and love to eat pretty much at anytime.  You get bottles during the day while I'm at work and you take those great.  You always prefer nursing over a bottle I think because it comforts you but you take a bottle like a champ, always have.  You get one or two 6oz bottles of formula each day along with breast milk.  You are just the happiest little baby when you're eating.  Sometimes you'll just look up at me and smile while you're nursing, it's so cute.  You'll take a break from eating and I catch you staring at me and when I look down at you, you'll smile so big, it's just the sweetest thing like you were just wanting to get my attention and say "hi mommy!".  I think you're playing a game when you do it and it just makes your Daddy and I laugh.  I have started calling you my little birdy too because you remind me of a baby bird when you're ready to eat.  You just open your mouth up wide and wait to be fed!

Weight: Today at your four month appointment you weighed 13lbs 15oz (59%!).  That's more than five lbs than your birth weight!  We are just amazed at how quickly you are growing.  I swear, sometimes when I pick you up from a nap it seems like you are bigger than when I laid you down!  You really chunked up this month too, the days of our skinny little baby are long gone, we love those chubby cheeks!  You did SO great at your appointment too.  It was one of the sad immunization appts and you only cried for maybe 10 seconds and then you quit!  Daddy and I were so impressed with our big girl.

Length: You are 24.75" long(70.5%)!  More than four inches longer than birth!  I can definitely tell how long you are the most when I'm nursing you because your legs start wrapping around.

Diaper Size: You moved into size 2 Pampers diapers yesterday because we finished the last box of size 1 and it seemed like you might need some extra room in there with some of your poopy diapers.

Clothes Size: You're in size 3 months and we're just moving you into a few 6 months onesies and jammies.  You are so long that you need the extra room!

Hair Color: We're still not really sure what your hair color is.  It will look light brown but then in the sun it looks reddish.  You're eyebrows are still light and have a red tint to them so who knows!   Your hair is growing so much every month.

Eye color: Your eye color is still the same as at birth, it's a dark blue/gray color but they look green in the light.

Funniest moment:  Just today you cracked your Daddy and me up!  You were laying in your bed and Daddy would turn the light off and your eyes would get HUGE and then he'd turn the light back on and they'd go normal again.  Lights off, HUGE, lights on, normal.  We laughed so hard!
Here it is  :)

Milestone: You have done so much this month!  You're now officially a roller!  You can roll from your front to your back pretty much any chance you get and you're trying sooo hard to get from your back to your front but you're just not there yet.  You started rice cereal too and you are not a fan but it's hilarious to watch you eat it.  Your eyesight has really improved this month, you follow us from across the room when we walk by.  You also grab a hold of things like your toys and your Sophie giraffe and just about anything that you can grab goes into your mouth.  It doesn't matter if it's a burp cloth, your fingers, a toy, you just want to put it all in your mouth.  Along with that comes the DROOLING!!  WOW!  Girly, you are quite the drooler!  You wear a bib now about half the time just to keep us from having to change your clothes several times throughout the day.

Your favorite toy: You love your activity mat still and REALLY love the jumperoo!  Just a month ago you couldn't reach the ground when sitting in it but your little toes now can reach when you're bouncing since you weigh more and are longer.  You will bounce in that for 20-30 mins at a time.  It's so great to watch you having so much fun!  You also LOVE Mr B and think he's just sooo funny!  You and him get along so well together, it's just really sweet.

You also have become quite the mover!  You start off in one spot in your bed and wake up in another.  Speaking of your wake up VERY chatty!!  I tell your Daddy some days that you woke up on the chatty side of the bed because you just talk and talk so much and SO loudly!  Your Daddy said that you were yelling at him the other day because you were so excited about what you were talking about.  Ha!  

Some of your firsts this month were:
First Thanksgiving
Visit with Santa (pics to come)
Staying two weeks during the day with your CiCi while Mommy and Daddy worked
Bouncing yourself in your jumperoo
First tastes of rice cereal
Rolling over from front to back
Arching your back (you can't be left alone anywhere anymore!  You are on the MOVE!!)

Here are some outtakes from your four month photo shoot
Arching your back!

Happy girl

Playing with that tongue!

Fingers in the mouth...what's new?

Sweet Hannah Lee we love you SO much and can't wait to see what this month has in store for us!  You are the sweetest, happiest baby and we couldn't feel more blessed to be your parents!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cutie Cousins

Back in October (yes, almost two months ago...) Cortney Russell, the photographer who took our maternity and newborn pics came back to take some pics of the girls.  I just now got the picture CD from her so I can finally share them with you!  It's amazing now to see how much they have changed in less than two months!  Hannah looks SOOO much bigger now!  She's definitely added a few lbs to her frame!

Sweet cousins, Hannah and Haley

Happy girl

Check out those beautiful eyes!

Daddy, Mommy and Hannah

Hannah and her Daddy's Aggie ring! 

Sweet sisters 

Hannah and Leah


Love them!

Tracy and me with our baby girls

They aren't so sure about this...

Lainey, Leah, Tracy, Haley, Kelly & Hannah.  All the girls!  Haley decided that getting pictures taken was LAME-O by that point.

Leah and her "Ya-yee" (Lainey)

Cutest.  Picture.  EVER!! 

Pretty girl Leah

Side by side pics of the girls.  Hannah was over it and Haley was just OUT!  Ha!

Love the comparison from May and then October.  Crazy to think these little ones were the reasons we had big bellies just a few months ago!

I love all these girls so much!