Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cutie Cousins

Back in October (yes, almost two months ago...) Cortney Russell, the photographer who took our maternity and newborn pics came back to take some pics of the girls.  I just now got the picture CD from her so I can finally share them with you!  It's amazing now to see how much they have changed in less than two months!  Hannah looks SOOO much bigger now!  She's definitely added a few lbs to her frame!

Sweet cousins, Hannah and Haley

Happy girl

Check out those beautiful eyes!

Daddy, Mommy and Hannah

Hannah and her Daddy's Aggie ring! 

Sweet sisters 

Hannah and Leah


Love them!

Tracy and me with our baby girls

They aren't so sure about this...

Lainey, Leah, Tracy, Haley, Kelly & Hannah.  All the girls!  Haley decided that getting pictures taken was LAME-O by that point.

Leah and her "Ya-yee" (Lainey)

Cutest.  Picture.  EVER!! 

Pretty girl Leah

Side by side pics of the girls.  Hannah was over it and Haley was just OUT!  Ha!

Love the comparison from May and then October.  Crazy to think these little ones were the reasons we had big bellies just a few months ago!

I love all these girls so much!


Heather said...

She is just so sweet and adorable! It's nice to get pictures and look back on how much they've grown!

Steve-n-Angela said...

All great pics! Such good memories to capture for all of you for years to come! Love your little family!

Lindsey and Greg said...

Love all the new pics! Especially that color scheme!!!

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