Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Firsts!

Not only did Hannah have her first plane ride, visit to the Valley and meeting all of the Townsend family over the holidays last weekend this week we gave her even more firsts!  She slept in her OWN ROOM Monday night (can you believe I actually moved her in her own room?!  It took me long enough) and ate her first real food Tuesday night!  Big girl learning new things!

Miss Hannah took sleeping in her own crib just like she takes pretty much everything big deal, easy peasy, no complaints.  Mommy on the other hand had to hold back tears.  She just looked like such a big girl in her bed!  When I went into our room to go to sleep I almost cried again looking at the empty pack-n-play next to my side of the bed. 

Sweet sleeping baby all swaddled up 

Night one of course went great because that's just how she is.  I didn't even wake up once to check the video monitor.  Night two I woke up around midnight because I could hear her moving around (I have the sound on full blast just in case, I'm nervous, what can I say) and I saw that she had busted out of her swaddle.  Austin and I have been going back and forth for a few weeks on whether or not she needs to be swaddled anymore.  I say yes because she sleeps so well swaddled up and seems to like it.  Austin says no because he says she needs her independence.  Whatevs.  So, back to last night, night two.  I watched her on the monitor for a few minutes thinking I was going to have to go into her room and feed her to get her to go back to sleep but she fell back asleep on her own.  This morning at six (I'm on vacation so we get to sleep in) I hear her whining and I looked in the monitor and saw that she had rolled over since she was unswaddled.  I got up and by the time I got in her room she was asleep again.  But this is what I found.  Poor baby got her arm stuck in the slats of the crib and just decided to go back to sleep instead of fight it.  I rolled her over and re-swaddled her and she went back to sleep.  So, for now she will remain swaddled until she gets better at rolling herself from her front to her back easier and then we'll let her sleep freely.  

To answer anyones question as to why she doesn't have her bumper pads up the answer is that I'm paranoid and I'm terrified of SIDS and of her suffocating in her sleep so until I think she can move her head freely enough and not nuzzle her face into the bumper pads this is how her crib will remain.

So, moving on to her next big first of the week, Hannah got her first taste of real food!  I made her some fresh organic green beans.  

She's excited can't you tell?!

Tongue out, ready to get a taste!

Her face cracks me up here!  First bite was a little surprising.

Taking it in great!

Yumm..... green beans

Ok, enough already Mommy! 

I got this one with my cell phone.  She actually liked the green beans for a little while!  Such a cutie.

 Best picture of the night!  Ha!  After she was done eating, she suddenly started silently acting like she was going to throw up.  She never did and Austin and I cracked up laughing at her!  So dramatic!

Our baby girl is getting big so fast!!  We are so proud of her for taking to new things so easily.  Next up will be all of our Christmas festivities!


Stephanie said...

We had the same firsts too!! Well, she tried cereal, not too solid of foods. Glad to hear she is sleeping in her crib like a champ! That last picture is too funny. :)

kkasun said...

So cute!!! Trge has mesh bumper pads that are breathable, but wll prevent her from getting stuck!
The green bean pictures are funny!!!

Steve-n-Angela said...

Jack slept in my room in his pack n play until he was 5 months (or on my chest!)... hard to put him in his own bed but I knew I had to do it! And I did away with the bumpers too and I will with baby #2 also! Love the green bean pics!! Well all the pics!

Heather said...

Love the pictures! She is getting so big!

Chani said...

Gosh, Kelly she is so beautiful!! You're such a great Mommy! Love the post!

Ivy said...

We dont have the bumper's up on Paisley's crib nor do I let her have anything besides her paci in her crib-no blanket or animals either. I dont think it's being paranoid... I think its common sense! I cannot tell you how blessed you are to have such a laid back, happy baby! I'm so happy she is sleeping for you! paisley would only sleep swaddled until she would roll over in it...then we had to quit cold turkey and stick her in her crib!