Thursday, December 1, 2011


FYI, this is a LONG post with LOTS of pics!  Thanksgiving week started great with me having the entire week off work to hang out with my favorite girl!

Wednesday morning Hannah wanted to help her Mommy make pies for Thanksgiving day.  I love the face she's making.

Just hanging out in her bumbo looking cute

Hey Mommy!

Love that sweet smile

Chocolate cream pie done!  Hannah looks excited doesn't she??  ;)

Thursday morning we woke up and Daddy and Hannah watched the parade while I made the pumpkin pies.  Hannah LOVED the parade!  It was so cute, she really liked watching the dancers the most.

After the parade we got dressed up and took some pictures before heading over to Lainey and Pops house.

She always makes this face.  She tilts her head down and looks up at you.  We think it's pretty cute.  :)

Oh my gosh, can it be?!  A family picture where we're ALL looking in the same direction!

B made it in the picture!

Leah and Haley's Gabou came to visit all the way from Ohio.  Hannah loves her too and liked making faces.  She looks like she's yelling "hey guys!" here.  Ha!

Miss Hannah has been ALL about her tongue this month too!  Actually, since she was born she's stuck her tongue out a lot but she really has figured it out this month.

Leah being silly with her Mommy

Big girl giving her Aunt K some lovin.  Love her so much!

Leah and Aunt K

Pretty girl  :)

Sitting up like a big girl!

Hannah hanging out with her Lainey

Almost all of the Autrey fam!  The sun decided to shine on half of us during the picture but hey, it's a miracle we even all got in one picture!

Townsend and Josefovsky crews.  The guys are way outnumbered now!

The girls!

Mary, Haley, Leah & Tracy

Hannah was sleepy from all the turkey so she wanted to take a nap.  Hair bow in, dress up to her waist and all!

Emily and Hannah

The next day Austin, Hannah and I headed to Waco to celebrate Thanksgiving with his mom's side of the family.  Hannah got lots of attention from everyone. 

She was happy :)

Hanging out with her Papa/Coach. She thinks he is just SO funny! 

This picture made me laugh, they are just checking each other out

This is Hannah's 2nd cousin Sam, he's about six weeks older than she is.  His face cracks me up here.  He wasn't quite sure what to think about her!

She was talking to him but he thought she was a little strange.  Ha! 

You think we have a happy girl??  Love her!

She surprised us to by holding her own bottle when CiCi was feeding her!

All of the 2nd cousins! 
Hannah, Garrett, Miles, Sam, Emory, Cole and Noah

After dinner we headed to Georgetown for the weekend where Hannah got lots of CiCi, Papa/Coach and Aunt Rachel time!  She's hanging out watching football here.  She watched a lot of football on Saturday and even got babysat by Coach!  She slept the entire time for him too so he had it pretty easy. 

I'm not doing a great job lately of taking pictures because I feel like I never sit down so that's the only one I got from Georgetown.  Oops!  We had a great Thanksgiving and we have more to be thankful this year than ever.  Hannah is our little miracle baby and we are thankful every day when we get to see her sweet little face. 

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