Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I was recently told from someone who will remain nameless that they weren't "allowed" to leave a comment here.  Hmmm...that's interesting.  The Comment Police must be hiding around somewhere. ;)  So, here's a little tutorial on how to leave a comment on any post if you'd like to.

First, start by clicking on the comments link underneath my signature that is at the bottom of every post.

That will bring you to the comment page.  Write whatever you want in the comment box.
Scroll down and write in the Word Verification box and then choose your identity.  If you don't have a Google account then you can click on Name/URL and just put your name in the Name box.  Then click on the orange box titled Publish Your Comment.


You will get this message at the top of the comment box letting you know that you successfully left a comment.  Now, you just have to wait to see if I approve your comment!  ;)  I got an odd comment once which is why I added the approval part for the comments. 

So, there you go!  That's how you can leave comments if you want to!  So, now my Mom the nameless person can post a comment!  ;)

All Business

Mr. B is all business these days.  I told him to loosen up but he insisted on wearing his fomal attire to Lunchbox's house for dinner Sunday night.  He was overdressed. 
Hey, what can I say?!  This is what happens when you are a girl with a small dog and you don't have any kids!

Brody can thank Tracy for his formal attire, she got him the collar with THREE different ties!  Lucky dog!  ;)  He does look super cute though if I do say so myself....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Art Festival

Warning:  LONG post!!  And it’s FULL of Leah pics!  :)
Saturday Austin & I met up with my parents, Tracy, Ryan, Leah & Chap for a fun day outside.  We’ve known Chap our entire lives, his parents are my Godparents (best Godparents ever BTW!) and he was in town to watch Baylor win big in basketball. 

It was a day of a few firsts for Miss Leah.  She sat at the big kids table with us at lunch in a high chair!  She LOVED the menu but was a bit frustrated that we didn’t order her the enchiladas.  ;)

Leah & Aunt Kelly enjoying Cyclone Anayas!002

Aunt Kelly, WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?!  I’m BUSY eating avocados here!008

Wednesday was Chap’s birthday but we didn’t see him so Tracy told him happy bday when she got to the restaurant and the waiter overheard.  So, of course at the end of the meal the staff brought over cake and sparklers!  Ha!  Chap was so embarrassed.  Especially when the lady fed it to him!

After lunch we headed out to the Bayou City Arts Festival at Memorial Park.  It was such a pretty day!  There was free transportation to the park from a nearby mall.  Check out the line!  It was actually pretty quick though.

The look on Leah’s face when she saw the line

Being a patient good girl waiting to get on the bus with her legs crossed!

Crazy art at the festival.  There was a man in that tree!

The guys

Silly Leah!

The Josefovsky crew

I don’t need no stinkin’ sunglasses!

Leah with her new look.  She likes to bite on her lips now.

Uncle Austin & Leah hanging out043

Chap & Leah

Leah & Ryan being patriotic in line for the bus back

Sweaty and hanging out on the bus!

Lainey, Pops & Leah (her 1st day riding on a bus and without her carseat!  Don’t tell!)

Can you tell Leah loves her Pops?!

Ryan & Tracy.  Nice face Ryan!

I’m FREE!!  I love riding without my carseat on the bus!

It was a great day and a lot of fun hanging out in the beautiful weather!  And in honor of Chap coming to visit, GO BEARS!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crisis OVER!

Ok, so I didn’t really have a “crisis” but I did break my camera and that’s a mini-crisis for me!  So, I got a new one last week.  Woo hoo!

Here are a few pics I took with the new camera  :)  I need to learn more about it (like actually read the manual which I’m not a big fan of doing) because there are a lot of cool features but here are some basic pics that I took over the last few days. 

Two of my favorite subjects!




Leah had 2 ear infections and pink eye this week!  Poor thing, she still had fun playing with Aunt Kelly’s medicine bottle though.  Anything with noise is fun! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3 Years Ago Today.....

Austin and I said "I DO"!

I can't believe it's already been 3 years!

I'm the 1st one to admit I have a terrible memory but I remember everything about that night.  It was so much fun and such a great and special night!

Fun time taking our own picture.  :)

Mr & Mrs Townsend!

Thank you Austin for being the best husband I could ask for.  Happy 3 year anniversary!  Love you!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Look!

I got my blog makeover, WOO HOO!!  What do you think?  I LOVE it!  I think it's so cute and fun!  Hollie over at Drama Mama Designs is responsible for all the cuteness and if you ever want your blog to get a little remodel give her a call!  She was the sweetest person to work with, I just gave her a few of my "likes" and she just went for it and I think did a great job!  Thanks again Hollie for the makeover!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

On The Move!

Sunday I headed over to Tracy's to hang out and visit with Leah.  

Check out the big girl in the high chair!

She's thisclose to crawling but she's not quite there!

I love how determined she is and how happy she is when she gets the lotion, she's so proud!  She is a MAJOR drooling machine now and just loves to blow spit bubbles out of her mouth as you can see.

She almost has it!

Yeah!  Success!

We went on a walk and she looked so funny!  And BIG!

This was the view I had of Leah on our walk.  It looked so funny, I couldn't help but take a picture.

She's 7 months now and just so much fun to be around!  We had a great afternoon and I can't wait to see her start crawling soon.

Leah the Copy Cat

A few weeks ago Leah and I were having a little chat and I noticed she was copying me so I got it on video. :) Yes, I'm aware of how annoying my voice is but it's worth it to hear her, I think she's so smart!

Katie's Big Night Out!

This past Saturday night was Katie's bachelorette party.  We started out at the Hotel ZaZa in the Museum District and had snacks and a girly shower for Katie before heading out for the night.  

I made some red velvet cupcakes, they were tasty  :)

Amanda's YUMMY dip!

I painted some champagne glasses for everyone with their initials on them.  They matched the invitations (on the right), that was the theme of the decor I brought for the hotel suite, pink, black and dots. 

Some good wine from a winery in Montgomery that went perfect for the night

Meg & Lindsey (one of Katie's bridesmaids)

Katie & Diane, another one of her bridesmaids

The bride-to-be and ANOTHER bridesmaid, Hayley (there are 10 of us bridesmaids!)

Lindsey and her mom made Katie this cute veil!  It says Bride To Be and Katie & Kris on it.  So cute!

Amanda & Julie at Howl At The Moon.  That place is SO much fun to go with a bunch of girls!  It's a dueling piano bar and just a great place to go and have a blast.

Katie after being called up to the stage.  I wonder what they said to her to get her to make that face!  Ha!

Me with the Bride-to-be!

Lindsey & Katie - old roomies

Me with one of my bridesmaids and old roomie, Meg!

Katie drinking water by 11:30!  Ha!

Me & Julie

One of the perks of being the designated driver is that people listen to you when you tell them what to do.  ;)  So, when we got back to the hotel this picture was just staring back at us when we got off the elevator so I told Katie to mimic the chimp!  hee hee  She's got her "I'm thinking while scratching my head" face down pat, don't you think?!

This is the picture next to the chimp that Katie got to "mimic".  They have crazy pictures at that hotel!  Either they are weird pics like this one or pics of celebrities.  Everywhere.  Seriously.  I think it's a perfect final picture of the night!  :)  Nice job posing Katie!!

So, now that the big night out is over it's GO TIME for the wedding in a few weeks!  Can't wait!