Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Sorry for the delay in new posts but I think I might have broken my camera.  Oops!  I may have gotten it wet and not realized it for a few days.... Maybe.  ;)  The verdict is still out on whether it's going to make it or not. 

So, since I am camera-less I'll post a few pics of my sweet little niece Leah!  Tracy took these and I love them (I swear I didn't buy her that onesie either, Tracy said Leah picked it out)  Apparently she can read now! 

This picture made me laugh out loud when I saw it for two reasons.  One, I've never seen her make a face like that and two, check out that huge spit bubble she's got going on!  Hilarious.

Leah playing the bongos.  Love her little face in this pic

So, hopefully my camera will survive the great flood of 2010 that I put it through and I can post some new pics up here soon!

Jackie, this post is for you!  :)

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Jackie said...

Thanks Kelly! I was wondering when you would finally post something.