Saturday, March 27, 2010

Art Festival

Warning:  LONG post!!  And it’s FULL of Leah pics!  :)
Saturday Austin & I met up with my parents, Tracy, Ryan, Leah & Chap for a fun day outside.  We’ve known Chap our entire lives, his parents are my Godparents (best Godparents ever BTW!) and he was in town to watch Baylor win big in basketball. 

It was a day of a few firsts for Miss Leah.  She sat at the big kids table with us at lunch in a high chair!  She LOVED the menu but was a bit frustrated that we didn’t order her the enchiladas.  ;)

Leah & Aunt Kelly enjoying Cyclone Anayas!002

Aunt Kelly, WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?!  I’m BUSY eating avocados here!008

Wednesday was Chap’s birthday but we didn’t see him so Tracy told him happy bday when she got to the restaurant and the waiter overheard.  So, of course at the end of the meal the staff brought over cake and sparklers!  Ha!  Chap was so embarrassed.  Especially when the lady fed it to him!

After lunch we headed out to the Bayou City Arts Festival at Memorial Park.  It was such a pretty day!  There was free transportation to the park from a nearby mall.  Check out the line!  It was actually pretty quick though.

The look on Leah’s face when she saw the line

Being a patient good girl waiting to get on the bus with her legs crossed!

Crazy art at the festival.  There was a man in that tree!

The guys

Silly Leah!

The Josefovsky crew

I don’t need no stinkin’ sunglasses!

Leah with her new look.  She likes to bite on her lips now.

Uncle Austin & Leah hanging out043

Chap & Leah

Leah & Ryan being patriotic in line for the bus back

Sweaty and hanging out on the bus!

Lainey, Pops & Leah (her 1st day riding on a bus and without her carseat!  Don’t tell!)

Can you tell Leah loves her Pops?!

Ryan & Tracy.  Nice face Ryan!

I’m FREE!!  I love riding without my carseat on the bus!

It was a great day and a lot of fun hanging out in the beautiful weather!  And in honor of Chap coming to visit, GO BEARS!!


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Looks like you had a wonderful time! Sic 'Em Bears!!! Leah is growing up too fast!!!

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