Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Katie's Big Night Out!

This past Saturday night was Katie's bachelorette party.  We started out at the Hotel ZaZa in the Museum District and had snacks and a girly shower for Katie before heading out for the night.  

I made some red velvet cupcakes, they were tasty  :)

Amanda's YUMMY dip!

I painted some champagne glasses for everyone with their initials on them.  They matched the invitations (on the right), that was the theme of the decor I brought for the hotel suite, pink, black and dots. 

Some good wine from a winery in Montgomery that went perfect for the night

Meg & Lindsey (one of Katie's bridesmaids)

Katie & Diane, another one of her bridesmaids

The bride-to-be and ANOTHER bridesmaid, Hayley (there are 10 of us bridesmaids!)

Lindsey and her mom made Katie this cute veil!  It says Bride To Be and Katie & Kris on it.  So cute!

Amanda & Julie at Howl At The Moon.  That place is SO much fun to go with a bunch of girls!  It's a dueling piano bar and just a great place to go and have a blast.

Katie after being called up to the stage.  I wonder what they said to her to get her to make that face!  Ha!

Me with the Bride-to-be!

Lindsey & Katie - old roomies

Me with one of my bridesmaids and old roomie, Meg!

Katie drinking water by 11:30!  Ha!

Me & Julie

One of the perks of being the designated driver is that people listen to you when you tell them what to do.  ;)  So, when we got back to the hotel this picture was just staring back at us when we got off the elevator so I told Katie to mimic the chimp!  hee hee  She's got her "I'm thinking while scratching my head" face down pat, don't you think?!

This is the picture next to the chimp that Katie got to "mimic".  They have crazy pictures at that hotel!  Either they are weird pics like this one or pics of celebrities.  Everywhere.  Seriously.  I think it's a perfect final picture of the night!  :)  Nice job posing Katie!!

So, now that the big night out is over it's GO TIME for the wedding in a few weeks!  Can't wait!

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Stephanie said...

We have Howl at the Moon here too and it is so much fun! Cute champagne glasses by the way!