Sunday, February 28, 2010

Busy Busy

This weekend in between going to cook-off I got to see lots of Leah while she stayed the weekend with Lainey & Pops! She is getting so big and just loves to move around and talk, it's so cute.

I love the face she's making in this picture.  Look at those cheeks!

Happy baby just talking away!

About to eat pears for the first time!  She loved it.

Going on a walk in the big girl stroller

On Saturday Beth and Avery came over to see Leah.  Avery is getting so big and she's just so cute and said she wanted to hold "baby Lela".

Check out that hair!  Love it.  Avery requested that I take a pic of her so here it is  :)

Happy girl  :)

Leah had such a good time with her Lainey & Pops but she's going to be SO happy to see her Mommy & Daddy today!  This little girl is so loved, she is just the cutest.  :)

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