Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rodeo Cook-off - Thursday

Austin and a group of his friends are on a cook team for the Houston Rodeo Cook-off.  It is a BIG production and they work SOOO hard for months to put on a 3 day party!  Thursday night I headed out there after work and had a blast.

Check out the new tent!  They got their name on it this year.  Laura was posing for me in this picture  :)  

Dede and sweet baby Audrey all bundled up

Some of the cooks!  Spam, Lunchbox and Jared

The band, they were so good!

Aunt Janet and Uncle Jeff made it out.  You can see some of the carnival going on behind us in this picture.

Katie and me looking very white!   Apparently the flash was super bright on us, it looks like we're almost glowing!

Amanda playing DJ

Laura, Amanda and me

Austin is the head cook for his team! I barely see him at cook-off because he's so busy working but he still poses for a picture with me.  :)

Stephen, Katie and I headed over to the KILT tent to watch Zona Jones play.  Normally I don't see other tents because I stay in ours and I have to say, the Smokin Amigos tent is one of the best!

Thursday night was so much fun and I took off Friday from work so I got to relax all day.  :)  

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