Saturday, February 13, 2010

Big Texas

Friday night a group of us went to Big Texas in Spring to watch one of my favorite bands The Randy Rogers Band.  Two things you can count on when going to Big Texas - 1. you will run into a ton of people from high school and 2. you will have a great time!

Me, Liz & Lindsey

Liz, you really wanted to stock up!  I swear she doesn't have a drinking problem, she was just holding 3 peoples beers.  :)

Stephen got a little shoe shine!

Austin and my attempt at a picture.  He likes to make silly faces when I'm trying to get a good picture.

My girl Liz and me

Liz saw this girl dancing and decided she had to get a picture with her.  Obviously the girl has NO idea this is happening!  Ha!  Leave it to Liz to keep things interesting!

Stephen and Katie

We all had a great time!  Hopefully next time the RRB comes into town they won't be at Big Texas where you smell like a disgusting ash tray when you leave!

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