Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rodeo Cook-off - Saturday

I took the night off Friday from cook-off because I had some doggies that needed tending to but Liz, Chris and I headed back out there Saturday afternoon.

Some of the sponsors for the team

Mark & Cindy made it out!

Here's Lunchbox with his "I'm so happy it's Saturday night and the last night of cook-off" face!

My girl Liz and me

This is the kind of picture you get when boys get the camera.  Chris and Paul posing

The Ogorchock fam

Laura & Amanda

Dede and I (On a side note, while her husband was at cook-off all weekend working his tail off some guy STOLE his truck from the hotel parking lot!!  Can you believe that?!  It's all on tape from the cameras so they saw the truck that the guys drove and then Chris SAW THE GUY driving later down the road!  Craziness.  So, send some good vibes their way that this gets settled SOON!)

Rach & Liz in the picture I call "the beginning of the end of the night"!  Ha, just kidding, I just said that when the drink girls brought them whatever is in those cups.

Ok, so to anyone who has never experienced cook-off it is HUGE!!  There are hundreds of teams and tents and a big carnival going on.  I ventured out of our tent on Saturday night to meet some friends at the gate and Oh. My. Gosh.  NEVER AGAIN!!  There are thousands of people all crammed walking around.  Here's a pic of just one of those rides.

Austin autographed Ambers hand for some reason

Amber and me

Super close up shot of Katie and I.  I'm noticing that apparently I LOVE taking these kinds of pictures.  If any of you want to schedule an intervention to get me to stop taking these pics, I'm all ears!  Ha!  ;)

So, cook-off 2010 is over!  It was so much fun but I'm glad we have an entire year until it's that time again!  :)

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