Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday night Austin and I celebrated Valentine's Day by making a special dinner.  It was SO good!  So, this  post is basically about food.  :)

Our dinner was caesar salad, twice baked potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and onions and beef filets with spinach, mushrooms, Boursin cheese and crab meat on top all wrapped in filo dough.  It.  Was.  DELISH!  Oh my gosh, we'll definitely be making this again!  We had so much that we could have shared one plate.

For dessert I made a PB&J Sundae.  I saw this on the Food Network.  It was awesome!  So easy to make and just GOOD!  It's vanilla ice cream mixed with strawberry jam (the J part), chunky peanut butter mixed with brown sugar and cream (the PB part) and Texas toast sauteed with butter and sprinkled with sugar like sweet croutons (the bread part).  

Ok, we don't let B eat people food except if we're having popcorn or ice cream.  Then he gets to lick the spoon and he knows it!  It cracks us up.  So here he is enjoying the PB&J!

Since we had so much of our dinner left Austin made us a little "hash" type breakfast with the leftovers this morning for Valentine's Day.  It was yummy. :)

Finally, a picture that's NOT food!  Leah got her Valentine from us this afternoon.  A big dog since she loves Brody, Minnie & Gabby so much.

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!


Tracy said...

OMG that food looks amazing!!! Please make it for me :)

Leah loves her bear and her outfit!! Thanks Aunt Kelly!

sdan 9r0e (that was leah)

Ken said...

I think I'd like that for my birthday dinner. OBTW - can I move my birthday to February?