Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby Sitting Leah

On Saturday I got to babysit sweet little Leah for a few hours while her Mom & Dad were busy. She and I had a great time hanging out, eating peas and playing. Of course I had the camera next to me the entire time.

Leah trying to play with her toy AND look at herself in the mirror!

I love her outfit! She's so cute, like a little person in jeans.


After her delicious lunch of peas she wanted to show her flexibility by touching her toes. :)

Happy girl

Check out the big girl sitting up all by herself! She was doing it for a while before I got it on video. She's getting so big!

While Leah took a short nap I tried to finish getting ready for my day. She woke up while I was in the process of doing that so I put her on the bathroom counter in one of the greatest things on the planet, the Bumbo and gave her a bottle of Advil to play with (it's child proof, not that she could open it anyways but I'm just saying). You have to improvise when you can't leave her in a room by herself and all her toys were in the living room. She loved the bottle by the way, it was super noisy just like I figured when I grabbed it for her. :) She also loved facing the mirror so she can see herself playing with it. It bought me the 15 minutes that I needed to get ready!

Next up was Leah helping me pick out my clothes for the day! I gave her a necklace to hold, she liked it. Normally I wouldn't give a baby a necklace to play with but I was watching her the whole time and just needed a few minutes to get dressed and it worked (the Advil bottle is still in her lap in the picture but she was over it by then)! She loves her Aunt Kelly's jewelry. Especially when it's on my neck and she can yank at it.... ;)

Yeah! It was a success, I got dressed! We were in the bathroom facing the mirror when I took this picture and you can see that she wasn't looking at the camera, she was looking at herself in the mirror! Ha! I told her that if I was as pretty as she was, I'd stare at myself too! ;) The girl LOVES staring at herself in the mirror. It's so cute.

Happy Leah

This was Brody after Leah left. He was pooped! Leah just thinks B is SO funny and smiles every time he comes near her. He's still not so sure about her though but we're working on it.

Thanks Tracy for letting me watch Leah! We had a great time and can't wait for the next time.

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