Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Little Lina

Last Sunday night around 11pm I got a text from one of my best friends Liz saying her water broke and they were heading to the hospital!  I was SOOO excited that I couldn't fall back asleep for a while and when I finally did I had a dream about bringing her Five Guys burgers to the hospital and getting mugged in the parking lot for the food.  Ha!  Nice.  I have strange dreams but only when Liz is in labor would I dream about bringing her food and getting mugged for it.

Anyways, Monday afternoon after Hannah's Dr appt Austin took her home and I headed up to the hospital to see if anyone needed me to get them some food or anything and when I showed up Liz had just started pushing so I got there at the perfect time!  

Here's Liz's mom listening for Lina to arrive.  We stood out there for about an hour and then we heard those sweet sounds of Lina crying!  It was such a special moment, even from the other side of the door.  I was so happy for my sweet friend, there were tears all around and we all were so excited.  I told Austin that since I didn't get to experience Hannah's delivery the way I had hoped that I got to experience it through Liz, through a hospital room door.  Ha!

Adelina Lucille Johnson arrived beautiful, healthy and perfect!

Awesome cell phone pic of little Lina and me 

A few days later I went to visit the sweet girl and her parents once they got home.  She is sooo tiny!  She arrived two weeks ahead of her due date and is just the tiniest, sweetest little girl.  When I picked her up for the first time it was like picking up air compared to my four month old baby girl!

Teeny tiny toes

Having a chat with Lina

Today Tracy and I went to Liz's parents house to visit and so Tracy could meet Lina.  Hannah came along and she was passed around by everyone, including Lina's grandpa.  She was quite entertaining.  :)

We put the girls (and future BFFs according to me and Liz, they really don't have a choice ;)) next to each other and check out how HUGE Hannah looks next to Lina!!  They are four months and one day apart and WOW, what a difference that makes!

HOLY COW!!  Lina is curled up here but seriously, Hannah looks so big!  Her Aunt Beth made that shirt for her, isn't it cute!?

Cutest picture ever!  Minus all the drool spots from Hannah of course...  I just love how they're both facing each other and are positioned the same.  Other than placing them next to each other, they did the rest on their own!

Liz, I love little Lina so much and can't wait for our girls to grow up together!!  These two are going to keep us on our toes I'm sure!


Stephanie said...

Wow! A friend of mine has a new baby, who we have yet to meet, but I can't wait to see how big Chloe is next to him. When did our babies get so big?? When were they ever that small? She is just precious!

Lindsey and Greg said...

They look so cute together! Love them both!! And great job Beth!! Love the Christmas tree shirt :-)

Steve-n-Angela said...

They are adorable together!! Going to be the best of friends!!