Monday, September 17, 2012

13 Months!

I'm behind on blogging so this is almost a week late but that's ok.  

Sweet Hannah Lee, you are 13 months old now!!  You are getting so so big everyday (almost 22 lbs) and each day you are less like a baby and more like a little girl.  This month you haven't had any big milestones since you are a little ahead in that department but you have improved on everything you already do.  You make us laugh SO hard daily!  You are also very smart and have an incredible memory.  We will tell you "no no" ONE TIME and from then on when you see whatever it is we told you no about you shake your finger at it, say "no no no" and look at us so we know.  Not that you follow the rules or anything but you KNOW that it's a "no no".  I'm hoping this isn't a glimpse into the rest of our lives but you don't listen to NO very well.  You either get upset when we remove you from whatever you aren't supposed to be doing and throw a mini-tantrum or you stare at us while we say "no no" and you give us a sly little smile and do it anyways.  It's hard not to laugh at you when you do that. 

You still make the FUNNIEST faces but you make them even more now. You love to pucker your lips together and squint your eyes, it's too cute.  You've taken a few spills and the results are all over your face right now....

You love to dance all the time now and walk backwards.  We've caught you moonwalking on several occasions.  It's so funny, you will just stare at us and start moonwalking back into a wall or around a corner.  No idea why, but you think it's fun so go for it!  You dance to music everyday and you LOVE to stomp your feet on the tile (not in a tantrum way, in a cute I'm-making-noises-while-dancing way).  You get really excited while doing it and just giggle away.  You really like it when Mommy does it with you too.  :)

You got your first and second ear infections post-tubes this past week.  :(  We thought the infections would be over but they aren't, the tubes are doing their job though.  You aren't having the same symptoms as before, now you just have a lot of ear drainage so we give you your drops and you're all better! 

You are TIRED every night now and half the time you don't make it to 7pm anymore before you want to go to bed.  You are so easy to put to bed now too, we used to hold you while you dozed off in our arms but now as soon as you finish your bedtime milk we walk you in your room and just put you in bed awake and you either immediately fall asleep or you just relax in your bed for a few minutes and then go to sleep.

You are BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!  You rarely stop for a moment while you are awake.  Seriously.  The world is just too exciting of a place for you to slow down!

You love books!  You are so cute, you will bring us a book and just sit in our laps and pay attention, that never used to happen.  You also love to grab Daddy's finger and point to what you want him to talk about on the page.

You still LOVE shoes!  You bring us shoes daily and say "tank too" (thank you).  On several occasions you've been walking around the house with two different shoes on.  Usually it's your pink Crocs and silver sandal, I guess they are your favorites.  We just say "you want to put your shoes on?" and you plop right down and try to do it yourself, but it always ends with us putting them on for you since you don't know your right from left just yet.

Sweet girl, I promise you your head isn't as large as it looks in this picture, it's just a funny angle.  ;)

You are getting your NINTH tooth!!  It's your first molar and poor baby, it hurts you so much.  We've been keeping orajel on it and giving you ibuprofen so you're doing ok but you just constantly have been putting your finger in your mouth on that spot.  With your first eight teeth you seemed completely unfazed by teething but this one hurts and sadly, your tenth tooth (another molar) is about to pop through as well. :(

This is what you think of your molars

You are SO much fun and your little personality is showing more and more each day!  Your Daddy and I love you so much and we think you are just the sweetest thing ever.  :)

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Stephanie said...

I'm laughing as I read the part about saying no b/c Chloe does the same thing - either gets upsets, or smiles and does it anyway.

I think Chloe is popping teeth too and I hate seeing her so unhappy. She was up most of the night last night and it seemed like nothing we could do was right.

I can just picture Hannah saying thank you - so so sweet!