Monday, April 16, 2012

Eight Months Old!

Oh, my sweet Hannah Lee you are EIGHT months old!!!  Seriously, time is just FLYING by!!  This has been such a fun month and our little one is quickly becoming an adventurous and fearless little toddler already it seems!

Hannah, here is what you've been up to in your eighth month!

Sleep: You are still a great sleeper and sleep in a sleep sack every night.  You are going to sleep around 7:30 and sleep until 5-6am during the week and usually between 6-7am on the weekends.  You crack us up now because when you wake up you immediately crawl to the edge and stand up holding the railing and wait for us to come pick you up.  It's so funny.  Sometimes you just stand there talking away and sometimes you are upset that we haven't picked you up yet and you cry until we get to your room.  You've done really well putting yourself to sleep also, we've tested you out a few times doing that and almost always you will just relax and look at your mobile and then roll over and go night night.  According to your teachers you have become a bit of a challenge some days at nap time, they say you are too distracted by the other babies and you want to play even though you're tired.  Once you finally go to sleep, you're out but you sometimes take a while to fall asleep. You are taking usually two naps for a total of 2-3 hours each day.

Daily Routine: Your daily routine consists of playing all day with your friends and eating/napping. You are usually the first one to your class at 6:30am and I pick you up before 5pm. You have two bottles a day at daycare, eat breakfast and lunch that I send with you and usually take two naps. At the end of the day we head home, you nurse and either take a little cat nap or play with one of your many toys!  You then have a fruit and veggie/meat that I made for you and then it's bath time (your favorite!) and you eat again and you're out for the night.  You spend a lot of time in the evenings crawling all over the house!  One of your favorite things is to crawl from the living room to the kitchen by going through the side table next to the couch.  You think that's lots of fun.  On the weekends we just spend as much time as possible playing with you and enjoying our time with you because you are growing SOOO fast!!

Feed: You still love nursing and love to eat pretty much at anytime. You get bottles during the day while I'm at work and you take those great. At daycare you hold your own bottle but at home we still feed you since we love spending time with you.  You eat a fruit with oatmeal mixed in every morning and a fruit and veggie and/or chicken every night, sometimes I mix rice cereal into your veggies. You get really excited when I put you in your chair and you watch me prepare your dinner and kick your legs around.  You love your organic puffs and Mum Mums for a snack too.

Weight: Porbably around 17-18 lbs

Length: I'm guessing probably 27"

Diaper Size: You wear size 3 Pampers during the day and you have started wearing night time diapers because you just fill your diaper up too much at night and were waking up with you and your sheets all wet.  Since we started the night time diapers that hasn't happened again! 

Clothes Size: You're in 6 month sizes mostly but a few 6-9/9 month outfits.

Hair Color: What little hair that you have looks light brown/blondish and your eyebrows are very light. 

Eye color: It looks like you're going to be our little brown eyed girl!  Pops is the only one with brown eyes so we're a little surprised by this.  You have the most beautiful big eyes that everyone comments on when they see you. 

Funniest moment: Sweet girl you have SO many funny moments!  You have started saying "adah adah adah" over and over again which is just about the cutest thing ever.  It makes us laugh because you're so loud when you do it and it's just funny to hear you "talking".  You also have started shaking your head yes and no.  I don't think you realize it's for "yes" or "no" but you love doing it and it's so funny. 

Milestone: You started last month pulling yourself up with a little help but this month you are a pro at it!  You will just crawl across the room to the couch or one of your toys and just stand right up and entertain yourself.  You're very proud of yourself when you do this.  You also got your TWO top teeth (you grow teeth in pairs apparently, within 3-4 days of each other) earlier this month and I have a feeling a few more teeth are coming in soon.  You started drinking water from a sippy cup and you love it!  We started brushing your teeth last week since you have so many teeth now and it's just too cute.  You love it when we are massaging your gums with the brush and when we are brushing your teeth you just try to lick the brush the entire time. 

Your favorite toy: You still love your jumperoo and play in it every day for quite a while. We got you a standing activity toy that you love to crawl over to and stand up playing with and you love the house that you can crawl through.  You have a LOT of toys!  You still have your book with you every time you are in the car and Sophie usually goes along for the ride as well.  I think if we just gave you a remote or someone's phone you wouldn't need any real toys at all!

Not really the correct way to use the exersaucer but whatever works!

Playing like a big girl with her house

Taking a second to glance at Mommy for a quick pic

She's recently discovered Brody's room.  And she just climbs all over it.  Poor B, nothing is his anymore.  :(

Some of your firsts this month were:
First school picture (SOOOO cute!!  I'll post them soon)
Drinking water from a sippy cup
Brushing your teeth
First Easter

Swinging at the park! HUGE hit!!

First time sliding down a slide
Waving bye bye (so cute!)

Here are some outtakes from your eight month photo shoot.  This is no easy task these days!

Checking out Mr Lamb

Staring at Daddy trying to get your attention at 6am

Such a happy girl!

Trying to eat Mr Lamb.  Of course.  There is very little that doesn't go straight into your mouth these days.

Giving him some lovin!  You LOVE stuffed animals we've discovered!  Every time we hand you one you squeal with excitement.

So excited about getting her picture taken!

Check out those new toofers!!  She's got a nice gap rockin, let's pray she doesn't still have that once her big girl teeth come in later on!

Hannah, you are such a joy and your Daddy and I love you sooooo much!!  You are just the happiest little baby and are changing and growing before our eyes every day.  I think you have all four of your grandparents convinced you are one of the sweetest things they have ever seen and your Aunts and Uncle are pretty much in love with you as well.  I still cannot believe that your first birthday is approaching in just a few months!  Mommy is already hard at work planning for the big day.  I'm really hoping these next few months slow down because I'm not ready for you not to be my little baby girl anymore!   


kkasun said...

She is adorable!~
She looks so old standing up. It's just crazy how quickly they pick up new things!

Stephanie said...

Oh wow, I can't get over how mobile she is!! It definitely sounds like she's more advanced because of all the kids she's around at daycare (definitely weighing this option for us). Her toofs!! Look at those! Chloe doesn't have any yet. We have both of those jammies, love them. :)