Friday, March 30, 2012


On Sunday we all headed over to my parents house to have lunch and hang out. I didn't get any pictures of that. All I got was pictures of the girls playing together. :)

Miss Hannah showing she's so super cool standing up

Hannah and Haley playing together.  You like all the pillows surrounding them to make sure no one bops their noggin on the wood floor?
Hannah is distracted by whatever she sees her Daddy doing across the room.

Sweet girls.  I have 50 pictures of them and about 5 pictures of Leah. :(  I figured out why.  We are constantly with them since they can't play on their own and Leah is a big girl and doesn't have to be supervised with every move.

But look!  She's still there!  :)

Such a big girl.  She's very proud of herself when she's standing!

She's trying to pull herself up onto the ottoman.  She's come very close at home to doing this.  Super human strength that girl has!


Some more cuteness  :)

This is what it's usually like when they play.  Haley sitting there playing all happy and Hannah crawling/climbing all over the place.  She's very enthusiastic about her recent freedom!

Haley: Hannah!!  What are you doing?!  We're supposed to stay in this pillowed in area!  You're breaking the rules!
Hannah:  Yep, that's what I do.  Every day.  Just ask my Mommy and Daddy.

Cute little Haley

They put their mouths on EVERYTHING

This was so funny.  Lainey gave the girls these matching gingham outfits when we got there that day.  Later in the afternoon Tracy went upstairs to get something out of a closet and found this gingham dress that my mom used to wear.  We all laughed and my mom said "No wonder I liked their outfits so much!"  Apparently Lainey wanted the babies to dress like her and didn't even realize it.

Hannah already in her outfit after having a diaper "issue".
Snoozing away ready to head home!

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