Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No Puffs

Hannah was cracking me up last night.  I would give her some puffs and she kept making this noise.  As soon as I took them away she would stop.  So, I guess for now we'll just stick to Mum Mums as her snack.

Love my sweet girl


Stephanie said...

Haha! So is that the growl? I did a post the other day on Chloe's fake cough and a few people mentioned that their kids growl. She's too funny! And you're right about cutting my dad some slack. I calmed down after I wrote the first part of my post, I think it was just that my imagination started to go crazy until she got home picturing this golf ball size bump on her head. These girls are gonna keep us on our toes!

kkasun said...

Sooo funny. I wonder what she is saying to those puffs?