Monday, March 19, 2012


Saturday afternoon Tracy and I took the girls to a bluebonnet patch near their house.  The bluebonnets are just beginning to bloom here so we were the only ones there and they did great!  For those of you who don't get what the big deal is, the bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas and I think just about every Texan has at least one picture growing up in a patch of bluebonnets. 


Little cutie Leah

Our girls were very busy ignoring as we yelled "HANNAH! LEAH! HALEY!  LOOK HERE!!"  Seriously, we were yelling...loudly.  They pretended they couldn't hear us.  

They were all very busy  

Have you ever taken two 7 month old babies and a 2 1/2  year old to get their picture taken outside??  I love Haley little face in this picture.

Hannah is checking Leah out

I love this sweet girl

What a photo shoot is really like!  Ha!

Pure cuteness!  Love love love her!!

Love these girls!

What's up?

I love the cute faces she makes!  Silly girl.


Leah trying to make her sister happy 

Tracy with her girls!
The sun was in her eyes so Hannah asked for her super cool heart sunglasses.

Mommy, how much longer do I have to sit here?

Happy day


Lindsey said...

Cute cute pictures!!

Stephanie said...

These pictures are gorgeous! I love, love all the girls so close in age!