Tuesday, March 6, 2012

H + L = BFF

We had a great weekend!  Hannah, Austin and I got to spend lots of time together around town.  We all went to a friends boutique opening on Saturday morning (where I actually won a basket with lots of goodies in a door prize!  Woo hoo!) and then we went to lunch where Hannah entertained the tables around us.  While Austin spent the afternoon golfing with some buddies Hannah and I ran some errands and when I put Hannah down for a nap I made muffins and lasagna for our neighbors who had a baby girl this week.  It was non-stop but lots of fun.

Sweet girl at lunch checking out the other diners.

Eating some Mum Mums while we ate our lunch

One of the errands Hannah and I ran was to the meat market to get some yummy goodness for dinner that night.  Whenever Hannah goes in the car she always has two things with her; her book and Sophie.  This was the scene as I stepped out of the market.

Assailant: Hannah Lee Townsend
Victim: Sophie the Giraffe
Crime Scene Investigator: Mommy
Medical Examiner: Mommy
Cause of Injury: It appears the assailant was tired of playing with the victim and threw her out of her car seat while Mommy was walking them into the store.  Upon investigation it was determined that the victim was possibly run over by another vehicle due to the markings on her body.  Once the Medical Examiner got the victim in her hands and took a good scrub to her it seems she will be in good health.  Until next time....

After we returned home from the crime scene I put Hannah down for a nap while I was in the kitchen making food for the neighbors.  This is what I saw.  Napping???  Not at all, but at least she was quiet!

About 30 seconds later this is what I saw. Little legs.  Baby girl is a MOVER!!  She was clear across the crib, it's a good thing our monitor has a pan feature so we can move it around to see what she's up to.

Saturday night we had our friends Liz, Chris and Lina over for dinner and I think Hannah had the most fun out of everyone!  She was SO excited to see everyone and "play" with little Lina!  Lina is four months and one day younger than Hannah and we've already decided they will be BFFs growing up.  By the looks of Lina's face Saturday night, it may take a few years for our plan to actually happen...

Hannah checking Lina out, she needs to show her the ropes, they eventually are going to be in the same daycare class together!

Lina is giving her Daddy the "what's up with this girl??" face.  Oh Hannah....she's used to daycare and there being absolutely NO personal space between all the babies.  They just climb/crawl/grab all over each other.

My point exactly....Hannah just grabbing poor Lina's ear like it's a toy.  Lina's little face is saying "O.M.G what's going on and why are you big people all standing around laughing?!?"  Don't worry, about one second after this picture was taken the hand was removed from the ear.

But the damage was done....

And Lina clearly thinks Hannah is one crazy wild little girl.  Ha!

Lina, don't be mad at me!  I just want to play!

Let's hug it out!

That was the end of the Lina/Hannah pics for the evening.   
When I dressed Hannah that morning I said to Austin "she's borderline too pink/poofy today" and his response was "borderline??"  Ha!  Yes, he's right, she was definitely too pink/poofy but that's ok, she's a sweet little girl who likes it when Mommy dresses her that way.  ;)

Aunt Jan bought her this outfit and she was excited to wear it!

My sweet girl

She loved playing with Chris' sweatshirt

What's up Mommy?  I'm busy playing, I don't want to get in my jammies.

B even got to hang out!

On Sunday we got her picture taken (another post to follow later this week) and then we headed over to the neighbors to take the food and meet baby Mallory.  Hannah was all ready to go meet her newest friend!

Little girl, who are you and what did you do with my baby??  She looks SO big here!!  :(  She also spit up all over herself right before I took this picture.  Oops.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Steve-n-Angela said...

Love the pics of Lina and Hannah! They will for sure be BFF's!

Stephanie said...

Nothing wrong with pink and poofy, ha! You can definitely tell our girls started in with their own looks early on, but now I don't think they look anything alike anymore. And the pictures of the two girls (and the captions) are great!