Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wedding Roadtrip Fun

Last Saturday morning Tracy, Haley, Austin, Hannah and I headed up to Ft Worth for a wedding.  My Godparents son Chap was marrying his beautiful bride Amanda in a sweet and unique wedding ceremony Saturday night.  My parents were already there and ready to see us once we arrived after being in the car for five hours with two babies.  I have said it probably 20 times since then but I am SOOOOO proud of our babies for how they did in the car!  They both got an A+ for the road trip.  :)  Leah and Ryan stayed back in town and we missed them but Leah spent her Saturday at the movies for the first time and she had so much fun with her Daddy!

These pics were taken about 20 mins into the ride and they stayed that way for about 75% of the trip!
Haley sucking on her fingers snoozing away

Hannah out for the count

We stopped about an hour outside of Ft Worth for lunch and to let the girls stretch their legs for a little while.  While we were in line to get food our little group looked so funny, it was Austin standing there with me holding Hannah and Tracy holding Haley.  The couple behind us asked if we were on a reality show and we all laughed and said no, we are not a Texas version of Sister Wives.  Ha!

Once we got to the hotel suite the girls were ready to play!  They are just way too cool to be in public without their shades on!  After all, celebrities always wear sunglasses inside so they should too.  They probably feel like celebrities the way I follow them around taking their pictures like the paparazzi...  ;) 

Mommy, your flash is blinding me, I must wear my new shades everywhere.  They're super cool with hearts on them.

The bride and groom were AWESOME and hired a babysitter for us since we were coming from out of town.  Hannah and Haley were in great hands partying it up in the suite while we were at the wedding.
How awesome would it be to be able to wear footed jammies in public?!  Just saying.... 
Hannah and me. 

An awesome cell phone pic of us dressed up ready to hit the town.  It's rare people.  This picture makes me laugh because we look so straight.  You don't take cute huggy pictures in your wedding clothes when you're trying to display the outfit that took an entire Sunday to find (thanks Mom!  My Mom picked out my entire outfit).  ;)

The ceremony was so sweet and very unique with different kinds of current songs. They had their reception at The Modern Art Museum so we got to walk around looking at art before the cocktail hour started.  It was really neat.  Apparently I don't "get" art because some of it was literally a block of color painted on canvas.  Strange.  Some of it was really cool stuff though.
Our "admission ticket" to the museum with our table numbers.  Cute!

The reception had a really pretty and modern feel to it.  Very elegant.

Ok, so I thought this was so cool!  Since the reception was at an art museum their cake was made to replicate this piece of art.

How cool is that?!  So unique and different from most wedding cakes.

The grooms cake.  Awesomeness. 

The fam.

My Dad with his girls

The girls 

 Tracy and me with Bryan, the groom's younger brother

This picture is dark but you can see how pretty the bride's dress was

The four of us with the newest member to the family!  Chap, Bryan, Tracy and I all grew up together like we were cousins.  Tracy and I apparently quit growing at the age of 12 and everyone else kept going.  We look so short here!  Ha!  Story of my life....

On Sunday morning we ate a yummy breakfast and then hit the road.  This is what it looks like with three adults and two babies for one night in a hotel.  And if I'm being completely honest here, this wasn't even everything..... my parents loaded their car up with the pack n plays and some toys. 

Our girls ready to hit the road!  Yes, they have the exact same car seat.  No, we didn't think about how we go a lot of places together and how it looks like we have twins.  My bad....
Check out Haley's face here, she cracks me up!  She makes the cutest little faces all the time. 

It was a great weekend and we are SOOOO proud of those sweet baby girls for being so good!  Congratulations Chap and Amanda!

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