Thursday, March 22, 2012

Saturdays, Sundays & Swinging

I love the weekends.  Obviously everyone loves the weekends but I love Saturday and Sunday even more now that Hannah is here.  I used to love Saturday and when Sunday came around I was bummed that I had to go to work the next day but now I love Sundays just as much because it's another play day!  It means I get to spend all my time with our little munchkin!  Austin was out of town last weekend so Saturday night Hannah and I stayed the night with her cousins.  Before we went to the bluebonnet patch Hannah and I met up with CiCi and Papa Coach for lunch.  Hannah looooooves her CiCi and Papa Coach and was so excited to see them on their way back home from vacation!

I love the silly faces she makes!

You think she was having a good time??

Oh, CiCi's fingers are so yummy!  My child puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!!

Hanging out with CiCi and Papa Coach!

After they left to head back home I picked up Tracy and Haley and we headed up to get the girls some diapers.  We have to use two carts, one for the babies and one for the stuff we buy!

On Sunday morning the girls played for a while before we headed home.  They are so cute together!  When Hannah and Haley see each other they just get so excited and smile and immediately grab for each other.  They are best friends. :)

What's that, Haley?


All was good again once we put a stop to the ear stealing...

Such a sweet baby girl

This picture is just too cute. 

Hannah, I don't think you get it.  The toys here are mine! 

So give it back!

I love this face.  It's like she's saying "Ha!  She thinks she can keep her toys away from ME?!  Good luck with that Haley!"

Tickle Monster!

Ummm....yeah.  Haley doesn't love the tickle monster so much...

What??  I just wanted to tickle her.  What's the big deal?

Hannah wanted to take a dive in the ball pit before we went home.  So much fun! 

We left after breakfast and when we got home Daddy was back so we took Hannah to the park for the first time.  She LOVED it!!!

This warms my heart

It was sunny so Hannah asked for her shades. 

Swinging with Mommy!

Then it was Daddy's turn!

Me with my precious girl

After her fun time at the park we headed home and she took a nap.  Well, we put her in her crib to take a nap.  About 10 mins later I looked at the video monitor and saw Miss Thang up to no good! 

BUSTED!!  Her mattress is now lowered so she can't do that anymore.  How can she already be big enough to have her mattress lowered?!

Since she clearly wasn't interested in napping in her room we went into our room and she passed out.  She just wanted to hang out with her Mommy.  :)

Later that night Daddy read her a book before bed.

Austin and I talk about how much fun she is now.  Even taking her to a restaurant is fun because she's just so entertained by every little thing.  We love our sweet girl so much. :)

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Stephanie said...

Your little girl is such a meanie, ha! I see her little owie. :( I am so jealous that Hannah has someone like Haley to grow up with and be best friends. She looks like she gets along great (minus the ear pulling lol) and I think that is so important for babies to be social. That last picture is the sweetest.