Monday, May 7, 2012

Hannah, Did You Like That Catheter??

Last week was a rough one for our sweet girl.  :(  You wouldn't know it by the way she was acting but she was sick.  She got a stomach virus and other than the sick symptoms of a stomach virus she acted completely fine, just her regular happy self.  It pretty much started Tuesday morning and she was eating less and less as the week went on and by Thursday morning we were at the pediatrician's office getting her checked out.  Poor thing only had 13oz on Wednesday and 8oz on Thursday!  She was dehydrated big time (she did NOT want to drink anything) and by 6pm on Thursday she had a fever of 101.4.  I called the doctors office and they said to take her to the ER.  Not what we wanted to hear but we just wanted her feeling better so off we went!  I do have to say, you feel a little silly going to the ER when your baby is acting totally normal, she is just such a happy baby that I think it takes a lot to break her sweet spirit.  But, we knew what the dr said was the best thing for her so we packed it all up and prepared ourselves for the long night.  This isn't our first rodeo if you recall....

Hannah was very interested in all the other sick people in the waiting room.

Tired baby.  This was probably was 9-9:30 and she was sleeeepy!

And she's out!  Poor thing finally fell asleep about 20 mins before we were called into a triage room.

We finally got into an ER exam room around 10:15 and Hannah had to get a quick catheter done.  She was NOT happy!  It was the only time she cried the whole night, she is such a good baby!  I probably would have cried too so I don't blame her for being upset one bit.

Back to her normal self!

A funny little video of what Hannah thinks of that mean catheter!

After getting some more meds (which were AWESOME by the way!), getting her to take a bottle finally and getting her temperature back to normal we were sent home!  This sweet girl was exhausted and passed out on the way home.  It was the latest she's ever stayed up.  She still woke up at 6am...

She's feeling much better now and is almost back to normal with her eating.  Even when she was sick all week and spent the night getting poked at (the nurses all commented on what a good baby she is) she never got fussy or even acted like she wasn't ok.  She is such a strong baby girl.  We are so proud of her!  We love you soooo much Hannah Lee and are so happy you're all better!

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Stephanie said...

Oh I could just eat her up. You're right - you'd have no clue looking at her that anything was wrong. I loved the video of her shaking her head no. Chloe's only done that once a few months ago, but I hope she starts doing it again.