Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All In Five Minutes

Yesterday afternoon Hannah and I were hanging out waiting on her Daddy to get home and she crawled into the dining room so I followed her to see what she getting into.  All of these pictures were taken within five minutes.  She's a busy girl!

Hi Mommy!  Playing with the drapes is FUN!

So is banging on the window... 

You don't want me to bang on the window?  Ok, I'll play with the drapes again! can I reach those blinds??? 

Think Hannah, think! 

Ok, I can't figure that out so I'll move on to the drapes again!  Woo hoo!!  This is FUN! 

Oh, I just noticed that there is more to look at outside! 

30 seconds later....moving on to the cooking magazines.  Pulling them out one by one.  F-U-N!

Oh, I forgot about the brass vase!  Now, THAT'S fun to bang! 

I can see under the dining room table!  Mommy?!  What are YOU doing under here TOO?! 

And that my friends, is just five minutes of a day in the life with our baby girl.  I sleep good at night for sure.  Ha!

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Stephanie said...

I bet she sleeps good at night too! Chloe has really started to get into things too in the last week and she keeps us BUSY!! What is it with pulling things out? Especially diapers, Chloe likes to pull every single one off her changing table. Such funny girls!