Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rachel Is 30!

I'm WAY behind on blogging again, work and just life in general have been keeping me super busy so I haven't had much time to blog about the fun stuff that's been going on.  We've been having lots of fun and Hannah is experiencing so many things for the first time. :)  The weekend before last Austin, Hannah and I headed out of town to surprise Rachel for her 30th birthday!  She had an idea that a party was going on but she had no idea that us, her parents and so many of her cousins were coming in town for it as well as so many of her friends!

This is what it looks like taking a road trip with Miss Hannah.  It's awesome.  :)  She's passed out the majority of the time.  When she wakes up she's good and rested and ready to party!

Dean did a great job on all the party details!  Here are her two birthday cakes!

They just got back from a trip to Ireland last month and this cake is a replica of a really neat house that they took a picture of while they were there!  How cool is that??  It was so good too! 

Hannah and CiCi waiting to surprise Aunt Rachel! 

The view of the river from their backyard 

Happy girl 

Eating Daddy's hair.  Hey, if you put it in front of her, she WILL attempt to eat it! 

Us with Austin's cousin Jason and his wife Melissa.  I'm short.  Ha. 

Best pic we got of Mommy and baby girl 

Rachel with her cakes 

This is a very typical picture these days.  Her fingers are ALWAYS in her mouth!  I think we've got a few more teeth trying to make their appearance! 

Hannah giving her Aunt Rachel some lovin'  

You think she loves this little girl??  Just a tad! ;)

The next morning we headed to breakfast before we went back home.  We didn't plan to all coordinate outfits.  Well, Austin was orginally in a blue shirt but when I saw that everyone else was in pink and green I asked him to change to match for the picture.  Ha!  The rest of us just happened to be dressed the same. :) 

Papa C, CiCi and Hannah 

It was a great trip!  Happy 30th birthday Rachel!!

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