Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Fishy

Last Monday Hannah started her first Mommy & Me swim class!  I was so excited about her getting into the pool and having fun splashing and kicking around in the pool.  She LOVED it!!!  And yes, we are those parents who both show up to every class and take pictures and videos the entire time.  Ha!

Little cutie

I just can't handle the cuteness!

Kicking like a big girl!

You think she loved getting pool water poured over her head??


SO cute.

Listening intently to the instructor

Getting dunked for the first time!  This picture makes me laugh, who do you think was more entertained by that??  Ha!

Swimming wears our sweet girl out!

The next class it was Daddy's turn in the water!  Hannah was super excited :)

So sweet.

Fun times

Later that night Hannah and her Daddy were sleepy from all the fun they had



Stephanie said...

Fun fun! Looks like your class was more structured than ours. Learn any cool tips you want to pass along?

Ivy said...

She is so cute! Love her swimsuits! :)