Friday, May 18, 2012

Nine Months Old!

This month has been full of new things for our big girl!  She is growing like a weed and becoming more like a toddler every single day.  It's so hard to believe that she will be ONE in just a few short months!  Makes this Mommy sad. :(

Hannah, here is what you've been up to in your ninth month!
Sleep: You are still a great sleeper and sleep in a sleep sack every night. You are going to bed around 7:30 and sleep until 5-6am during the week and usually between 6-7am on the weekends. In the mornings if you wake up on your own you will sometimes just sit in your bed and play with the aquarium or you will go to the railing, stand up and cry out for us to come get you.  During naptime you are still swaddled.  I don't know why you like that during naps when you sleep great at night without it but I guess it's just your security blanket because without it you don't take nearly as long of a nap so we're sticking with it until daycare wants to change it up.  You are taking one or two naps for a total of 2-3 hours each day.

Daily Routine: Your daily routine consists of playing all day with your friends and eating/napping. You are usually the first one to your class at 6:30am and I pick you up before 5pm. You have two bottles a day at daycare, eat breakfast and lunch that I send with you and usually take one-two naps. At the end of the day we head home and you play with one of your many toys! You eat dinner and then it's bath time (your favorite!) and you take another bottle and you're out for the night. You spend a lot of time in the evenings crawling all over the house trying to get into whatever you can find!

Feed: This has changed this month.  I'm sad to say that you have officially stopped nursing this past week.  You took the change like a champ but Mommy is a little sad.  I'm so happy that we made it this far, it was one of the joys of my day and I loved spending that special time with you.  That may sound odd to some of you but if you are/were a nursing mother you understand.  It is such a special bond and just warms your heart.  I do NOT however miss pumping.  Not one bit.  You now get bottles all day while I'm at work and at night and you take those great.  For your meals you eat a fruit with oatmeal mixed in every morning and a fruit and veggie and chicken/turkey every night, sometimes I mix rice cereal into your veggies. You get really excited when I put you in your chair and you watch me prepare your dinner and kick your legs around. You LOVE your organic puffs and Mum Mums for a snack too.  Brody loves them too since he gets to eat half of them that fall on the ground.

Eating some yummy apples outside like a big girl

Weight: 18 lbs 7 oz (exactly 10 lbs more than your birthday 9 months ago!) (44%)

Length: 28.25" (76%)

Head: 18" (91%)

Diaper Size: You wear size 3 Pampers during the day and you wear night time diapers at bed time.

Clothes Size: You're in some 6 month sizes but mostly 6-9/9 month outfits.

Hair Color: What little hair that you have looks light brown/blondish and your eyebrows are very light.  Your hair seems to have grown some this month!  Mommy is pretty excited about this. :)

Eye color: It looks like you're going to be our little brown eyed girl!

Funniest moment: You had your Daddy and me cracking up one day when I took you back into the laundry room so I could put your clothes from the washer to the dryer.  You were resting on my legs while I was kneeling down and you thought it was SOOOO funny that I was throwing the clothes into the dryer.  It was hilarious!  We laugh every time we watch the video.  You are just the sweetest thing EVER!!

Milestone: You are now an assisted walker!  You crawl (super fast I might add) over to anything that is taller than you and pull yourself up and start walking while holding on.  You love it when we help you walk between our feet, you act like such a big girl and are so proud of yourself!

Coming to get me!

Big girl walking!

Here is just one example of how you are into everything these days.  We got some new living room furniture a few weeks ago and they delivered the wrong coffee table so while we waited for the right one to arrive that evening you had fun with the wrong one.  Glad the one we actually bought doesn't have a big opening in the middle like this one!  I love you face in this pic, you know you got busted!

Your favorite toy: Well, I think your all time favorite thing is The Wheels on the Bus, it's not a toy but that song keeps you more entertained than anything else.  If you are upset and I start singing it you immediately stop.  So cute.  You have too many toys to count that you love right now!  You are bouncing less this month than last which is surprising since you loved it so much.  I guess you want to be on the move more now so you don't have much time for your bouncy toys.  I'd say your favorite unofficial toy would be Mommy and Daddy's shoes and Brody's toys.  You see those toys on the ground and you take off crawling!  I call it "crawling with a purpose".  You now crawl around carrying your toys around in your mouth because you see Brody does that.  I've even caught you in the act more than a few times with his toys in your mouth.  Yuck.  But funny at the same time.  ;)

Pick a toy, any toy!

Since we got new furniture we're moving some things around and you've discovered the mirror that was on the wall is now on the floor against the dining room table.  You LOVE it!

Mirror mirror on the wall....

who's the cutest girl of all?

It's me!

Some of your firsts this month were:
First night away from Mommy.  You stayed the night with Lainey and Pops and did great!
First shoes!
First time walking assisted
First time to show signs of separation anxiety with Mommy.  It's not bad at all but sometimes you get upset when I put you down or walk out of the room.  Don't you worry baby girl, I'm always going to come back!
Shaking your head "no" and actually meaning it.  I really think you know what it means!  Sometimes I think you do it just because it's fun to shake your head though....
Signing to us!  We work on sign language every day with you and so far you've signed back to us no (you see that one a lot.  Ha!) and yes.  You are so smart!
You now wave and give high fives.  You also know how to turn off the lights to your room when we hold you up to it. 
First time in a pool
First class (Mommy & Me swim class)
First encounter with a monkey (at the furniture store, you LOVED the monkeys!  You can see in even in the side view of your eye how excited you were to see the monkey.  You actually kept looking at their toys like you were going to get to play with them.  Sorry, no monkey toys for you!)

Here are some outtakes from your nine month photo shoot.  It's getting harder every month!

Giving Mr Lamb some love

Trying to climb over Mr Lamb....

Sweet face

You can't keep me in this chair Daddy!

Hannah Lee, you are the sweetest thing I've ever seen!  Your Daddy and I love you soooo much and are so excited to wake up to your sweet face every morning. 


Stephanie said...

When you give her chicken/turkey is it real meat or is it baby food? Chloe is such a shorty! She's only 26"! She looks like such a big girl walking! Ahh! And Chloe does the same thing putting a toy in her mouth and then on the move she goes. I think she just likes having her hands free (or she sees the dogs do it too.:)) Is that your house with the green and pink toy bins?? Where did you get those?? Love her as always!

The Townsend's said...

Hey Steph! I give Hannah both chicken/turkey that I boil/puree as well as in the baby food I buy. We're feeding her all organic foods right now so buying organic chicken/turkey is EXPENSIVE but it goes a long way since when I feed her I'm mixing it with a veggie.
Yes, the bins are in our playroom, they are from IKEA and are awesome. She loves opening and grabbing toys out them. It's a white shelf for about $40 (I think) and the bins are each about $4-5. Super cheap and cute!

etphonehome21 said...

She is ADORABLE!!! Seriously, she reminds me of Gracie. I can not wait to see her (and y'all) in a couple of weeks.

kkasun said...

She is just adorable!

I LOVE that video, what a great giggle!

She looks like such a happy and fun girl!!!! Happy 9 months!!!!