Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Water Babies

A few Sundays ago Hannah and Haley had a big first, they went swimming for the first time!  My parents have a pool and Leah LOVES to go swimming so we spend a lot of time at their house during the summers so we all hoped the babies would love the water as much as their big sister/cousin does.

Sweet girl ready to get her toes wet!

So excited!

Hanging out with Aunt Tracy

First time to touch pool water!  It was pretty chilly still but she had a good poker face and didn't even flinch.  She was way tougher than the wimpy grown-ups!

Examining the cool float that Lainey and Pops got her

It passed the taste test!

This face cracks me up.  We told her it wasn't a good idea to drink the pool water!

After watching the girls swimming around for a while Haley was ready to test the waters!  LOVE her sweet bathing suit/cover-up from her Gabou.

She loves it too :)

Hannah was excited for Haley to get in the pool with her!

Haley wasn't so sure about this pool thing at first...

She had lots of fun after warming up to it though, I just didn't have my camera on me then.  It looks like we're going to have three water babies in the family!

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