Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Hannah has some exciting things coming up for her soon.  She's transitioning to the "big kid" class (10-18 months) at school and she needs some shoes for when they play outside.  Why would a 9 month old need shoes to play outside??  Because she's thisclose to walking on her own!  She's mastered both the walking next to furniture and walking behind a toy acts and she's attempting to walk on her own everyday when she just lets go of something, holds her arms out, and falls down.  I can't believe my little baby is already trying to walk.  Sniff sniff.  The days of relaxing on the couch while Hannah is awake are OVER!  So, with walking comes shoes and let me just tell you, this girl is OBSESSED with shoes!  She sees Mommy and Daddy's shoes on the floor and goes into her determined crawl and tries to get them into her mouth FAST!  We no longer take our shoes off in the common areas of the house.  The closet is the only place they go if we aren't wearing them!

Lainey wanted to treat Hannah to some shoes so last week she and I took Hannah to get fitted for her first pair!  So excited to try on some shoes! 

She was such a good girl while they were measuring her feet.  She was very interested in what was going on.

She's got herself some nice chubby feet at a size 3w! 

Showing off her new shoes! 

She wanted to make sure the boys Sperry's didn't come in pink for her.   

Shoe shopping success! 

Told you....shoes go immediately into the mouth! 

We did a little shopping for a big day that she has coming up soon and it wore her out! 

Once we got home the naps continued.

I love snuggling up with this sweet girl 

You think she was tired??  Passed out with mouth open, sitting up indian style!   

Such a sweet girl.  :)


Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood said...

OH She is just a doll! It looks like show shopping totally wore her out! I need to get my Gracie some shoes that are good for walking. She has cute sparkly TOMS and several pairs of generic sandals, but I love Hannah's shoes!

Stephanie said...

Walking already???!?! That girl just keeps hitting milestone after milestone! I love the pictures of her watching as they measure her feet, and of course the foot in the mouth picture. Ahh, I can't believe how big she is getting!