Monday, June 11, 2012

Mother's Day

I have been sooo busy lately between work and just life in general.  When I'm at home my sweet little 10 month old is keeping me busy busy and we're having too much fun to stop to get on the computer.  I'm trying to play catch up on the blog so we'll start with Mother's Day.  We had a great Mother's Day this year!  We spent the afternoon at my parents house and the girls got to swim.

Leah and I were outside taking some pics before the swimming started.

Checking out all of Lainey's flowers

The conversation for this picture went like this "Leah, say CHEEEEESE!!!"
She didn't say cheese obviously.  Ha!
I'll go ahead and title this "The expression we're going to be seeing a lot from about 12-19 years old"  She is such a funny little girl. :)

Fun times with her Daddy!

Leah and her BFF

Haley just being cute

Miss Hannah  :)

This is what it's like trying to get a pic of two nine month olds together.

Sweet girls

Checking out a speck of something on the ground.  The norm....

Chatting with her cousin

Pretty girl

Real life.  These two are so funny together.  One is always tugging on something, hair, clothes, hats, etc.

She looks like she's saying "Hey party people!  What's up!?"

Me with my baby girl on Mother's Day


Autrey girls

Pops with the two littles

Lainey and Pops

Without this sweet girl I wouldn't have been celebrating my first Mother's Day this year.  I love her sooooo much!  Waking up to her sweet face is the best part of my day and makes me happier than I ever could have imagined. 

I love being your Mommy Miss Hannah Lee!

I hope all you moms out there had a great Mother's Day!

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Chani said...

Such beautiful girls!! :) Love all the pictures!!