Monday, June 18, 2012

Reunion Time!

A few weekends ago we headed to Comfort, Texas for our annual Townsend family reunion.  We had a great time with the best weather!  Hannah was so excited to see her family again that she slept most of the way there.  I LOVE that the car puts our girl to sleep!  Makes for a nice peaceful road trip.  :)

Before we left, Hannah wanted to help Mommy remember the stroller.  She walked it all over the entry way.

Passed out for the long drive! 

Friday night we all headed out to dinner and then hung out just talking and having a good time.  Saturday morning after breakfast we walked around the bed & breakfast for a while and then went shopping. 

This picture cracks me up.  Hannah makes THE FUNNIEST little faces!  She's so silly.

Hanging out with CiCi! 

She loved the birds 

Papa C always like to teach Hannah new things.  Some things he probably shouldn't teach her just yet...  ;) 

She was pretty excited to learn how to climb! 

And of course, bite the railing.   

Papa C and Hannah on a nature walk 

The view of just part of the B&B from the other side of the river.  This place is huge! 

She loves her Papa C.  :)  He loved her on his shoulders until she started biting his hair.  Haha! 

Once the stores opened we packed up and went shopping!

She lasted about 20 mins then remained this way until lunch time. 

One of the antique stores has the cutest little pugs all set up in their "living room/bedroom".  I took a picture of them last year when we were there too. 

We made a stop on the way back to the B&B for an awesome lunch at the cutest pizza place.  It was delish!

After lunch we had some pool time!  Clearly, Hannah has fun with her Papa C! 

Dean with Beckett, Sayge and Brodie.  They are little fishies.  They swam in that pool for HOURS! 

Silly girl with her Daddy 

Sweet Libby 

After Hannah took a looong nap, I woke her up just in time for dinner.  She was still a little out of it in this picture. 

Libby and Taylor wanted to feed Hannah her dinner 

Seriously, she makes the funniest faces. 

I wonder where she gets it??? 

Hanging out with GG Townsend 

Gracie and Hannah love each other! 


I had to take a pic by this old wagon
2011 - 31 weeks pregnant

What a difference a year makes!
2012 - Hannah almost 10 months old 

Before we all headed home on Sunday we got a family picture.  We're still missing about 6-8 people I think. 

Mark Townsend and crew 

She didn't make it 10 mins in the car before she looked like this.

It was such a fun weekend with the family!  Can't wait for next year!!


Stephanie said...

I love all of her silly faces! I think she looks like you in several of these pictures.

Chani said...

So sweet... I love those silly faces too! SUCH a beautiful baby!