Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ten Months Old!

This month has been all about MOVING!!!  Hannah is on the move big time!!  She is non-stop from the moment she wakes up to the second her little head hits the mattress.  She is so much fun but she sure knows how to wear some adults out!  Ha!

This months picture made me a little sad because she looks so much bigger here!  I just can't believe how fast she's growing up.

Hannah, here is what you've been up to in your tenth month!

Sleep: Nothing has really changed in this area, you are still a great sleeper and sleep in a sleep sack every night. You are going to bed around 7:30 and sleep until 5-6am during the week and usually between 6-7am on the weekends. During naptime you are still swaddled but your upper body is free, I guess you just like the "blanket" feel on your legs. You are taking one or two naps for a total of 2-3 hours each day.

Daily Routine: Your daily routine consists of playing all day with your friends and eating/napping. You are usually the first one to your class at 6:30am and I pick you up before 5pm. You have two/three bottles a day at daycare, eat breakfast and lunch that I send with you and snacks with all your friends and take one nap now (usually two naps a day on the weekends). At the end of the day we head home and you play with your toys!  You eat dinner and then it's bath time (your favorite!) and you take another bottle and you're out for the night. You spend a lot of time in the evenings crawling/walking all over the house trying to get into whatever you can find!  I often say that Hurricane Hannah hit because sometimes that's truly what it looks like in the rooms you've played in.  Your path of destruction is pretty large.  ;)

Feed: You take five bottles a day and eat three meals and two snacks.  For your meals you eat a fruit with oatmeal mixed in every morning and a fruit and veggie and chicken/turkey every night. You still LOVE your organic puffs, Mum Mums, yogurt melts and little puff sticks for a snack too. Brody loves them too since he gets to eat half of them that fall on the ground.  We give you a little bit of table food and you've loved all of it so far.  You really like beans.

Weight: I'd guess around 20 lbs

Length: Maybe 29", not really sure

Diaper Size: You wear size 3 Pampers during the day and you wear night time diapers at bed time.

Clothes Size: You're in some 9 month sizes but mostly 12 month outfits.  We just this past week switched you to 12 month jammies.  You are too long for most 9 months onesies now!

Hair Color: What little hair that you have looks light brown/blondish and your eyebrows are very light. Your hair seems to be growing each month!

Eye color: You have BIG beautiful brown eyes.  When people see you for the first time that is always the comment I hear. 

Funniest moment: Your facial expressions crack us up!  You do NOT have a poker face for sure!  When you look at something you get that look on your face like "what IS this?!" and when you clearly think your Mommy or Daddy is being silly or may have said something not smart you let us know with the look you give us.  It's also funny to watch you get your teeth brushed.  When you see me get out the finger brush you crawl over and open your mouth waiting on me to put my finger in your mouth.  You act like such a good girl while I brush your teeth.

Here's one of your funniest faces you've made.

Milestone: WALKING!!!  You are still 99% crawling everywhere but you LOVE to stand on your own and take lots of steps.  You've gotten up to about 20 steps I think.  You are VERY proud of yourself when you do this.  :)  You also said your 1st real word (with actual purpose at least)!  It's "uh oh!"  So funny.

Your favorite toy: This has changed this month.  You no longer really care about your beloved crinkly book that used to go everywhere with you.  You also have no interest at all in bouncing, that's for babies, you think you're a big girl.  You love your little house (and you do NOT like for the mail to be in it's mailbox or the shapes to be in their place on the house, those must be taken off and thrown on the ground ASAP!) and play with it everyday.   You also love your little car that you push around the house. 

Some of your firsts this month were:
First incident report at school.  Mommy had to sign a report because you bit one of your friends.  Not nice!  You were playing with a toy by yourself and your friend came over and decided she wanted the toy.  You weren't having it.  So, you bit her.  Not surprising to me at all since you put every single thing you see into your mouth. 

You love to close doors.  After crawling into a room you play with the door until it closes.  Then you get upset because you're locked in a room so Mommy or Daddy come and rescue you. 

First Mother's Day

First weekend away from Mommy

First family reunion

First real word "Uh oh!".  You say it ALL THE TIME now!  Everytime you drop (or throw) something it is quickly followed by "uh oh!".  It's so cute.

First time to climb stairs.  You needed no instruction, you just went up the entire flight of stairs in literally less than a minute like it was no big deal. 

First time in the new class at school.  You are now in the 10-18 month class and having SO much fun!  You are WORN OUT at the end of the day and fall asleep in about 30 seconds usually after your night time bottle.

A first that Mommy is a little bummed about is NO MORE BOWS!  :(  You aren't having ANYTHING on that sweet head of yours.  Nope, not a thing. 
Here are some outtakes from your ten month photo shoot. It's getting harder every month!

Five seconds into the photo shoot....bow is OFF!

Silly Mommy, you thought I wouldn't notice that on my head?!

No time to smile for the camera, must get Mr Lamb!

Or try to fly off the chair...

Daddy, why are you continuously saying my name??

I will not be stopped!

Giving Mr Lamb kisses

And then taking Mr Lamb overboard

Until Daddy steps in and saves the day

Hannah, this has by far been our busiest month since you've entered our world but each day is better than the last!  You are such a sweet and special little girl and your Daddy and I love you SOOOO much!  We can't believe how quickly you are growing and changing and how we are almost done with the "baby days".  If you could slow down a little that would make us very happy.  :)
We love you Hannah Lee!


Stephanie said...

This was Chloe's busiest month so far too and she's NOT walking yet! Whew, I need to start taking naps to prepare myself for that. :) When are you going to start weaning her off the bottles? Chloe is taking 4 bottles a day and we've started trying to cut one out, but I don't know how we are going to be completely off the formula in just a matter of 6 weeks or so. I love that she's saying uh oh! I bet that's adorable. And the incident it bad that made me giggle a little bit? Love all the pictures as always.

Stephanie said...

Oh yeah, I meant to ask does she move around much in her crib while wearing the sleep sack? Can she stand and walk around in it or does she not have any interest in doing that in her crib?

The Townsend's said...

Steph, I haven't even thought about the bottles yet. Ha. Don't feel bad about laughing at the incident report, that's pretty much all we did after I signed it. ;) About the sleep sack, yes she can move around in it. She will crawl across the bed and stand up. I don't think she could walk in it but she hasn't tried that in her bed yet luckily.