Monday, June 11, 2012

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend Austin and I packed up and headed down to Rockport for a weekend of fun with a group of our friends.  It was a big trip for me, it was my first weekend away from Hannah.  I'm not going to lie, I got a little teary eyed when we left but I was fine as we drove away.  Knowing we were going to be 3.5 hours away from all that cuteness was sad for me, especially since I've only been away from her overnight once and even then I was 20 mins away but I knew it had to happen sometime.  Austin's parents were sweet enough to come stay with Hannah while we were gone.  There was absolutely no twisting their arms for that job! ;)

Friday night we headed into Port Aransas for dinner.  I barely took any pics but here's one of Kyle and Austin waiting on some yummy food!

After hanging out WAY too late with everyone we got up bright and early to go fishing on Saturday morning!
When I saw TK on his boat I was cracking up laughing.  He looked like a ninja fisherman!  Looking back on it, he was pretty smart....

About an hour later...  Notice the ninja.  He's so funny.

I'd probably be a little scared if I didn't know him.  He's harmless, I promise.

Since there were nine of us we divided up onto three boats.  Austin and I fished off Jody's boat and for a while Jody went wade fishing.  NO THANK YOU!!  That water is FULL of jelly wish and Jody's got stung a few times but just kept on fishing. 

Austin with one of his fish that was lucky enough to go back into the water, I didnt get any pics of him with all the big fish that they caught.  Oops!  I was very busy being the net girl. 

See, I fished!  I definitely don't have the patience for this activity but it's lots of fun when you actually catch stuff.

My single catch of the day.  I'm just impressed with myself that I actually held it!  Big steps here people!

That fish had an attitude.  I was putting it very gently back into the water and it showed me no love, it just squirmed it's way very aggressively back into the ocean.  Rude.  ;)

Here's PSA for all you fine folks, NEVER EVER let your husband spray you with sunscreen before getting out on a boat in the ocean where the water reflects the sun on you even more.  This is what happens....  I told Austin it was like he was branding me with the weird design I had on my back. 

Beautiful view from the house

While we were gone Miss Hannah was having a great time!  On Saturday afternoon CiCi and Papa C took her over to my parents house to swim so she got to be spoiled by ALL her grandparents while Mommy and Daddy were away. 
I got updates all weekend and this one was just too cute!

About that time I got my first margarita in two years.  Yummy!

Tiffani and I enjoying the sunset and breeze while watching the guys fry up our fish from the day.

Sunday morning CiCi told Hannah that Mommy was coming home, she was so happy!  :)

Sunday morning sunset on the water.  So pretty. 

I headed back home on Sunday while Austin stayed back another day to fish some more.  I always planned on coming home early and I was so happy once Sunday morning came to get back to my sweet girl!  Our block was having a fun neighborhood party that our HOA footed the bill for so I knew we'd have lots of fun!

There was a big bounce house and a big bouncy water slide for all the kids (and a few adults) and tons of yummy BBQ.

Hannah and some of her friends got in her pool.  It was hot outside!

She's already eyeing the boys....

Hannah and CiCi!

I love this sweet girl  :)

After the babies got out of the pool, a few of the guys found a new purpose for it.

After bath time Hannah wanted to head back out to the party.

We took lots of pics and sent them to her Daddy to let him know he was missed.

It was a great long weekend and Hannah was soooo happy when her Daddy showed up the next day!  Thanks again Mark and Cindy for taking care of our girl!

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