Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reunion Time!

This past weekend most of the Townsend crew got together in Comfort, Texas at the cutest bed and breakfast to hang out together since we live all over Texas and don't get to see each other enough.

Austin & my room, it was so nice and comfy!

I had no idea what to expect out of a B&B but I was pleasantly surprised!  Each room was different and some of us were in individual rooms like ours and some in little cottages.  All of them were so cute though!  We had a little sitting area to the left which will be perfect for Miss Hannah next year when we go back! :)

We saw lots of deer while eating breakfast each morning!

After getting our maternity pics taken I guess Austin thinks he's a photographer now.  Ha!  
Me and our sweet baby girl in there hanging out

Townsend, party of 3!

We walked down the road to the antique shops on Saturday morning and in one store we walked in and I yelled "they're alive!" and started laughing.  I was startled to see these two pug dogs just hanging out in their little antique beds.  They were so fat and cute!  Made me miss our old pug dog Maisy.

I spent pretty much the entire afternoon in the pool and the boys spent a good part of it playing washers.

The creek that our room looked out on.  It is SO low since we're having such a huge dry spell around most of Texas.  It was still pretty. :)

The B&B we stayed at with the sun shining right on me.  If you're looking for a place near San Antonio this is a great one!

Saturday night we all hung out and ate, played games and just enjoyed each others company.  Cindy, Bob and Trevor all had birthdays in the next few days so we got them a cake at the grocery store.  The cake wasn't much but they still appreciated the gesture.  :)

Cindy & me hanging out watching all the fun!

Grandma, Dan and Bob hanging out

This is funny and pretty typical actually, it's Mark telling Richard and the boys the rules of washers.

This old game was a HIT!  The B&B had it sitting out and MANY hours were spent trying to defeat it.  Elliott was the winner!

This sign made me laugh.  It was in the eating area where they had an awesome breakfast for us each morning.

The Townsend family.  We're missing about 10 people in this picture and hopefully next year we'll be able to have everyone there!  We missed you guys!

The Mark Townsend crew

When I saw this picture of me, Austin and Rachel it reminded me of one of those "which of these isn't like the other??" pictures.  Ha!  Austin and Rach are like the male/female version of each other looks wise!

Townsend fam

We had so much fun and can't wait until next year to go back again with Hannah!  


Stephanie said...

What a great time with your family! JJ and I went to a B&B about a year and a half ago and had a wonderful time - they are so cute and different than just staying in another hotel.

Steve-n-Angela said...

Looks like a lot of fun! that B & B looks amazing!!!